• SHARK.AERO s.r.o.

    SHARK.AERO s.r.o.

    Manufacturers of the Shark, a high-performance composite tandem-seat low-wing, designed to be ideal for really fast cross-country flights and flying for fun. An integration of exclusive performance with comfortable cock...

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  • shop4pilots.com


    German Aviationshop with a an extensive assortment of avionics, instruments, gps-receiver, moving map systems, charts, emergency equipment, pilot clothing, pilot clocks, aviation books, aviation dvd´s and much more besides.

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    Sigtronics Corporation, the manufacturer of American Made products for Aviation and Emergency communication since 1974.

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  • SIRS Naviagtion Ltd.

    SIRS Naviagtion Ltd.

    SIRS Navigation Ltd have been designing, manufacturing and repairing Magnetic Compasses, Azimuth Circles, Sextants and other Navigation Instruments for over 30 years. The Company supplies its products to Military, Commer...

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  • Skånska Gyrokopterklubben

    Skånska Gyrokopterklubben

    Ultralight club and school. We can help you to get Swedish national ultralight certificate on gyroplanes, 3-axis and weight shift aircrafts.

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  • Sky Cycle Trikes

    Sky Cycle Trikes

    Sky Cycles are part 103 legal weight shift control trikes manufactured by Fly Hard Trikes, Inc. Sky Cycle has won numerous awards. We also offer flight instruction. Located in Jasper, Tennessee

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  • Skyranger Australia

    Skyranger Australia

    Skyranger aircraft is a high performance ultralight kit aircraft, the Skyranger has won many awards including world championships, best trainer and best type assembly.

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  • SkyRanger builders forum

    SkyRanger builders forum

    SkyRanger E-Group. An active resource group for SkyRanger owners, builders and prospective SkyRanger Buyers In this eGroup we can freely exchange ideas, building comments and tips between builders, owners and others inte...

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  • Skyranger from Aeros

    Skyranger from Aeros

    Need an affordable plane which can be assembled by two persons within a week, can be maintained by one person without special knowledge and equipment? Today over 900 SKYRANGERS fly in the skies worldwide.

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  • Smålanda Flygklubb

    Smålanda Flygklubb

    Smålanda Ultralight Club is one of the most active Ultralight clubs in Sweden! Site in Swedish.

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  • Smart Avionics

    Smart Avionics

    For more than 5 years, Smart Avionics has been manufacturing a range of innovative products specifically designed for use with homebuilt and experimental aircraft. Each product is designed, developed and manufactured wit...

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  • Smart Avionics Ltd.

    Smart Avionics Ltd.

    Producing a range of innovative products for homebuilt aircraft including constant speed controllers for VP props and a dynamic propeller balancer.

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  • Solid Air

    Solid Air

    The SOLID AIR team took up the challenge to develop a Trike representing the highest level in design, quality, flight safety, operating expenses, reliability and performance. The result is the DIAMANT TWIN, a flight spor...

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  • Solo WIngs

    Solo WIngs

    Solo Wings are the largest microlight manufacturers of ultralight aircraft in South Africa,including the aquilla,flexiwing and windlass

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    Manufacturers of the Sonex, Waiex and Xenos aircraft.  Tech Support:920-230-TECHHours: M,W,F10am-Noon &2pm-4pm CST

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  • sportplanes.com


    US Dealer for Festival light aircraft. They also provide maintenance for a wide range of light aircraft.

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  • Sports Aircraft Australia

    Sports Aircraft Australia

    Sports Aircraft Australia is the Sole distributors for Flight Design in Australia. Operating out of our Service Centers, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. Sports Aircraft Australia offers the discerning flyer and operator the leading range of Aircraft.

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  • Sports Aircraft New Zealand

    Sports Aircraft New Zealand

    Sports Aircraft New Zealand is the Sole distributors for Flight Design in New Zealand. Operating out of our Service Centers in Auckland and Christchurch Sports Aircraft New Zealand offers the discerning flyer and operator the leading range of Aircraft.

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  • STOL copies

    STOL copies

    The popularity of the STOL CH 701 aircraft and other Heintz designs around the world has created many imitations and copies. These copies are often modified versions of the original STOL CH 701, and are not authorized by...

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  • Storm Aircraft Italy

    Storm Aircraft Italy

    Stormaircraft Group manufactures the world's finest Made in Italy style aircraft with a proven builder assistance program, flight training and dedicated technical support, StormAircraft assures builders' success in building and safety flying these aircraft in a short time.

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  • Summit Powered Parachutes USA

    Summit Powered Parachutes USA

    In 1999, at the Sun n Fun airshow in Florida, the Summit II made its debut and we have never looked back since. The uniqueness of the Summit created a real interest and we had many people comment on how different our k...

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  • Tecnosoluzioni srl

    Tecnosoluzioni srl

    We specialize in solving technical problems in heavy road transport and ultralight aircraft with only qualified and experienced personnel. We do repairs and construction of shafts. Tecnosoluzioni is a company with great ...

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  • Telex Aircraft Products

    Telex Aircraft Products

    Telex manufacturers high quality, reliable headsets for commercial, transport and recreational pilots.

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  • Tennessee Propeller Inc.

    Tennessee Propeller Inc.

    Tennessee Propeller Inc. manufactures wooden propellers for ultralight aircraft, experimental aircraft, microlight aircraft. We're also distributor for Zenoah two cycle engines models G50C, G50D and G25B-1.

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  • The Continental Luscombe Association

    The Continental Luscombe Association

    The Continental Luscombe Association was founded by Loren Bump in 1975, and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the flying, preservation, and enjoyment of Luscombe airplanes.

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  • The Double Eagle Website

    The Double Eagle Website

    Want to build your own Legal Eagle Ultralight or Double Eagle Light Sport Aircraft? Then pay a visit to Leonard Milholland's website where you can order plans.

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  • The European Luscombes

    The European Luscombes

    The European Luscombes are a friendly community, keen to promote the Luscombe Silvaire aircraft, through regular fly-ins and rallys. Whether you are a Luscombe owner, pilot, flying lover or simply keen on Luscombes, we a...

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  • The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - FAI

    The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - FAI

    The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI - The World Air Sports Federation, was founded in 1905. It is a non-governmental and non-profit making international organisation with the basic aim of furtheri...

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  • The International Jodel Club

    The International Jodel Club

    is for all those interested in the Jodel range of aircraft and all items related to them. The Club has no membership fee, you just have to apply to join this yahoo group. You can find the home pages for The Internation...

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  • The Light Aircraft Company Ltd.

    The Light Aircraft Company Ltd.

    Welcome to the Sherwood Ranger a timeless British 2 seat biplane, available as kit or plans build. A stunning classic design with outstanding engineering features and unique 3 minute wing fold capability.

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  • The Luscombe Association

    The Luscombe Association

    Our purpose is to Preserve and Promote the Restoration, Maintenance and Flying of Luscombes. We Publish a 16-page bi-monthly newsletter that covers Luscombe history, maintenance, restoration, and modification, rare or unusual Luscombes, member stories, sources for parts, and photos.

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  • The Luscombe Endowment

    The Luscombe Endowment

    The Luscombe Endowment is here to support public inquiry into things related to the Luscombe aircraft; Aircraft operation, Aircraft maintenance, and the history of the Luscombe Aircraft Company(s).

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  • The MW Club

    The MW Club

    The MW Club is devoted to assisting all those involved in building, flying and owning MW aircraft.

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  • TL Electronic

    TL Electronic

    TL elektronic is an producer aircraft instruments and equipment specializing in the ULL and Experimental class.

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    Makers of TL-3000 SIRIUS - TL-2000 STING S4 - TL-2000 STING RG - TL-2000 STING S3 - SIRIUS WITH FLOATS - PROPELLER POWERMAX TL-ULTRALIGHT - we produce sport and ultralight aircraft.

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  • TL-Ultralights Australia

    TL-Ultralights Australia

    TL-2000 Sting Carbon Aircraft - A luxurious & comfortable aircraft designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic from Carbon Fibre. Cruise at a serious 130 knots burning around 20 lph. Holds several world records and is Australias' best selling performance aircraft.

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  • Today's Pilot - For the flyer in all of

    Today's Pilot - For the flyer in all of

    Welcome to Pilotweb – the website of Pilot magazine, the UK's best-selling general aviation monthly. Pilot has been published for more than 40 years, and has won more awards for the quality and authority of its journalism than any other UK GA magazine.

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  • Tomark Aero

    Tomark Aero

    Viper is an all-metal microlight plane designed for sports, entertainment and recreational flying. With its equipment and excellent flying properties it is ideal for travel, training and glider towing. A roomy, modern-de...

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  • Tomas flygsite

    Tomas flygsite

    Jag heter Tomas Ekholm och den här sidan är tillägnad mitt flygintresse. Jag tog certifikat för UL-B i mars 2006 och har ganska nyligen skaffat mig ett eget flygplan SE-YTD. Jag är intresserad av flyg rent...

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