Looking for an ultralight aircraft?

We have collected an extensive list of ultralight aircraft manufacturers (+200 manufacturers). If possible we try to provide the contact information to each aircraft manufacturer. Note! For trike or powered parachutes, see the Trike / Flexwing section.

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  • AC Light Aircraft

    AC Light Aircraft

    Manufacturers of the Sirocco, an easy to fly open cockpit airplane.

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  • Ace Aircraft Inc.

    Ace Aircraft Inc.

    Before Piper, Cessna, Kitfox, and Vans, before AOPA, CAP, and EAA, there was Ace. Two decades after the Wright Brothers' first flight, flying had become a rich man's luxury. Mr. Orland G. "Ace" Corben saw the need for an...

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  • Adams Aeronautics Company

    Adams Aeronautics Company

    Home of the Gene Turner designed T-100D Mariah Ultralight/Experimental Aircraft. We also own a design that is still in the works called the Little Dipper Replica. This aircraft is a reproduction of the John Thorp designed Lockheed Little Dipper of 1944.

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  • Aero & Tech Italy

    Aero & Tech Italy

    Manufacturers of the Nexth aircraft. "NEXT-H as "the next", and NEXT-H as "high performance" ..a new aircraft, a combination of flying freedom, performance and the intrinsic safety of the project, and why not, a passion ...

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  • Aero Adventure

    Aero Adventure

    Manufacturers of the Aventura series sea planes and the Toucan ultralight trainer. "Designed and built near Florida's Space Center, we use only the highest quality materials and hardware to manufacture aircraft kits t...

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  • Aéro Services Guépard

    Aéro Services Guépard

    Cheetah Aero Services presents its range of ulm aircraft - ULM Cheetah, Guépy, Guépy Club, sale of motorized ultralight aircraft.

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  • AeroJames Isatis 01

    AeroJames Isatis 01

    The manufacturer of Isatis 01

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  • Aeromobil 3.0 manufacturer

    Aeromobil 3.0 manufacturer

    Visit the inventor and manufacturer of the Aeromobil 3.0 flying car. Aeromobil is built in Slovakia and is a both a car and an airplane!

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  • Aeropilot


    Company AEROPILOT s.r.o. works on a market as an ultralight aircrafts manufacturer since year 2000. We are concerning the development, production and sale of ultralight aircrafts. AEROPILOT s.r.o. is the only manufacturer of ultralight aircraft LEGEND.

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  • AeroSports gr

    AeroSports gr

    The new revolutionary SF/1 ARCHON the world's most exciting UL aircraft.

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    The Breezer Club is Breezer AircraftÂ’s flight training edition, a perfect all rounder for flying clubs and flight training centers alike. This Breezer edition copes very well with the requirements of pilots flying cross country as well as those of flight training centers.

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  • Afford a Plane

    Afford a Plane

    Welcome to the Affordaplane web site! Ultralight flying has become quite popular in the last few years, but as with most things these days, the price of flying is constantly rising.

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  • Air-Cam manufacturer

    Air-Cam manufacturer

    Now you can fly places that no other Airplane will let you go! The AirCam is a twin-engine experimental home built aircraft that can fly 10 feet above the tree tops, then climb up and away on one engine if needed.

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  • Airdale - former Avid

    Airdale - former Avid

    We are Avid and we know it!. Airdale - Your Source For New and Used Avid Parts.

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  • Airdrome Aeroplanes USA

    Airdrome Aeroplanes USA

    Thanks you for your interest in AIRDROME AEROPLANES 3/4 scale flying replica kits. Our aircraft cover a wide range of historical aviation. From the most recognized aircraft to have ever flown in W.W. I (the scarlet red F...

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  • Alpi Aviation srl

    Alpi Aviation srl

    The manufacturer of Pioneer 200 and Pioneer 300.

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  • American Legend Aircraft Co

    American Legend Aircraft Co

    American Legend Aircraft Company was founded expressly to develop a light-sport certified version of the venerable Piper Cub airplane. From the outset, it was determined that these beloved aircraft were so pure in their ...

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  • AMS Flight

    AMS Flight

    "More than 1100 gliders fly under the blue sky. All around the world. All of them were manufactured in AMS Flight and in ELAN Flight Division which was in autumn 1999 taken over by the company AMS Flight, d.o.o." AMS is...

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  • BaAer - BA-5 Guri

    BaAer - BA-5 Guri

    BaAer is the manufacturer of the BA-5 Guri. The GURI is a two place ultralight with several characteristics combinations, a sleek and smooth composite cockpit and cowling, a flat spring composite landing gear, a strongest 6inch aluminum tail boom, and extruded aluminum spars.

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  • Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd.

    Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd.

    Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd. is the manufacturer for all the Pelican aircraft products. This Web site provides detailed information and resources on our full line of aircraft products. The Pelican models are offered to th...

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  • Bat Hawk South Africa

    Bat Hawk South Africa

    The new South African Bat Hawk has been designed and developed by Micro Aviation South Africa primarily for surveillance and is one of the most affordable light sport aircraft on the market.

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  • Bateleur, The

    Bateleur, The

    Stall speed, below 65Km/h (40 Mph) High cruising speed, in excess of 250 km/h (150 Mph) Excellent fuel economy and range: 7-hrs/1000 km (620miles) 4-cylinder, 4-stroke aircraft engine that runs on Avgas or Automotive fu...

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  • BD-Micro Technologies USA

    BD-Micro Technologies USA

    Manufacturer of the FLS Microjet, a modernized and vastly improved version of the 1970's BD-5J.

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  • Belite Enterprises LLC

    Belite Enterprises LLC

    Manufacturer of the ProCub Lite, UltraCub series aircraft. Belite is based in Wichita, Kansas and was founded by James and Kathy Wiebe in 2009. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of ultralight aircraft...

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  • Bushcaddy


    C.L.A.S.S. (Canadian Light Aircraft Sales and Service) are the proud manufacturers of this outstanding aircraft. The Bush Caddy was developed as a bush plane and performs equally well on wheels, skis or floats. The wide ...

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  • Capco - Aviation

    Capco - Aviation

    Impulse Aircraft; Fully carbon airplane with extraordinary performance. Asso Aerei Aircraft; An Italian Airplane (Ultralight) with retractable gear.

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  • Carlson Aircraft Inc.

    Carlson Aircraft Inc.

    Designers of the Carlson SKYCYCLE , an exciting reproduction of the 1945 Piper Skycycle and the new Criquet, S.T.O.L. aircraft. International inquiries are welcome!

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  • Costruzioni Aeronautiche

    Costruzioni Aeronautiche

    The prestige of a warbird replica is not always to look for top performance but in his fascinating shape,able to let us experience strong emotions. In 2006 August the single seat all wood prototype gave way to the all m...

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  • CozyAircraft.com


    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. has acquired all existing inventory, tooling, and drawings for the prefabricated metal parts used in construction of the popular Cozy Mark IV aircraft. Ken Brock Manufacturing Co. of S...

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    It was in 1971, when aircraft designer Michel Colomban started work on this small aircraft with two engines. His target was to build small, economis plane with two engines, which would be able to flying also some aerobat...

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  • Eurocub


    The Swedish Eurocub Dealer

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  • Europa Aircraft UK

    Europa Aircraft UK

    The story of Europa Aircraft began in the 1990s; born from a dream to build a small aeroplane capable of quiet, comfortable, high speed, low cost touring. The basic concept was to produce an aircraft that made real flyin...

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  • Evans Aircraft

    Evans Aircraft

    Purchase VP1 Volksplane plans direct from Evans Aircraft, the desinger who created this revolutionary kit plane. See photos of various designs for this experimental homebuild aircraft from pilots and builders around the world.

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  • Evektor Aerotechnik a.s

    Evektor Aerotechnik a.s

    The Evektor EV-97 Team Eurostar / Sportstar is an ultralight aircraft designed for sport/leisure flying, touring and training with limitation to non-aerobatic VFR operations.

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  • Excalibur USA

    Excalibur USA

    2 place ultralight or experimental can be registered too as sport plane category

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  • Fantasy Air USA

    Fantasy Air USA

    Fantasy Air US are the distributors and manufacturers of the Allegro 200X Series of Aircraft. The last one in production was the 2008 Allegro when the company was sold. Now the Allegro is produced inside of the United St...

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  • Fisher Flying Products

    Fisher Flying Products

    Fisher Flying Products in Woodbridge, Ontario Canada is a kit plane manufacturer of classic replica ultra light and experimental aircraft. Sold in build-it-yourself kit forms or quick-build kits.

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  • FK, B&F Technik Factory

    FK, B&F Technik Factory

    FK14 Polaris, FK12, FK14 Polaris

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  • Fläming air

    Fläming air

    Herzlich Willkommen auf den neuen Internetseiten der Fläming Air GmbH. Wir möchten Ihnen hier einen Überblick geben, was Sie bei uns erwartet. Die Fläming Air GmbH bietet Ihnen alles aus einer Hand: Flugplatz, Flugschule, Werft. Viel Spaß auf unseren Seiten wünscht ...

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  • Flying Legend SRL

    Flying Legend SRL

    Flying Legend's replicas try to convey the same sensations felt by the Pilots of those inspirational fighters aircrafts. For this reason we try to stick to a high level of fidelity to the originals, even for the design o...

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  • Flying Machines

    Flying Machines

    Producer of B612 single seat UL, FM250 2 seat allcomposite UL, Carbone One 2 seat allcomposite trike-flexwing

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  • FLYLAB, Italy

    FLYLAB, Italy

    Makers of the Tucano HD3 and Tucano HD3A. FlyLab also make floats.

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  • Gimilot


    The French Gimilot website. The place for paramotor enthusiasts.

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  • GRAAL, The

    GRAAL, The

    The Graal is a rigid self-launching one-seat glider conforming to French and FAI ultralight rules. By its look, feel and performance it is very close to a 15 meter class glider. The Graal differs only by its ultralight c...

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  • H.F.Dorna


    H.F.Dorna is a private joint stock company specializing in design and manufacture of light aircraft , covering EASA , CS-VLA , ASTM LSA and Part-23 categories . H.F.Dorna was established in 1988 and has received Design ...

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  • Homebuild Aviation Pty Ltd

    Homebuild Aviation Pty Ltd

    Australian supplier of metal kit aircraft for the home aviation builder, featuring the Typhoon Aircraft and the Cyclone Aircraft, powered by the RG TT2000 engine and the TT2200 engine by VW Engines.Stockists of amateur aviation builders' supplies in Australia and the USA.

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