Makers of weight-shift aircraft around the world. Note! For Fixed-wing and Autogyros, see the Ultralight Manufacturers section.

  • Ramphos Amphibious Trike

    Ramphos Amphibious Trike

    The first model of the Ramphos flying boat was made in 1998. Ramphos flying boats are easy to fly, even for non expert pilots. They can be used for leisure purposes, sight seeing tours, fishing activities, adventure jour...

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  • Seair


    Seair Technologies, Inc. manufactures ultralight aircraft and hovercraft. On our web site you can find the latest information, pictures, videos, and specs for the Seair Hovercraft and Flying Boats.

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  • Sky Cycle Trikes

    Sky Cycle Trikes

    Sky Cycles are part 103 legal weight shift control trikes manufactured by Fly Hard Trikes, Inc. Sky Cycle has won numerous awards. We also offer flight instruction. Located in Jasper, Tennessee

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  • Solid Air

    Solid Air

    The SOLID AIR team took up the challenge to develop a Trike representing the highest level in design, quality, flight safety, operating expenses, reliability and performance. The result is the DIAMANT TWIN, a flight spor...

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  • Solo WIngs

    Solo WIngs

    Solo Wings are the largest microlight manufacturers of ultralight aircraft in South Africa,including the aquilla,flexiwing and windlass

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  • Summit Powered Parachutes USA

    Summit Powered Parachutes USA

    In 1999, at the Sun n Fun airshow in Florida, the Summit II made its debut and we have never looked back since. The uniqueness of the Summit created a real interest and we had many people comment on how different our k...

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