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STOL copies

The popularity of the STOL CH 701 aircraft and other Heintz designs around the world has created many imitations and copies. These copies are often modified versions of the original STOL CH 701, and are not authorized by designer Chris Heintz. While imitation may be a form of flattery, Heintz cautions that these planes may not be built to original specifications, and that modifications may not, and often appear not, to be properly engineered (usually you decide to copy when you don't have the engineering ability to create your own design).

Zenith Aircraft Company cannot support aircraft that do not have a valid serial number, nor can it support aircraft built from parts manufactured by a third party, and cautions buyers that just because it may "look" like a STOL CH 701 it may not be built from parts manufactured to the same standards, or may be built from parts made from inferior raw materials, and that modifications are not approved by the designer.


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