Are you looking for an an ultralight aircraft engine suitable for your aircraft? Here you will find 2-stroke, 4-stroke, Rotary engines, radial engines, jet, turbine, makers of all types of engines suitable for light aircraft.

  • Aero Conversions Inc.

    Aero Conversions Inc.

    AeroConversions is a product line of high-quality power plants, systems and parts for use in recreational aviation. AeroConversions product designers and engineers are dedicated to providing simple, elegant and low-cost ...

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  • AeroFix Aviation

    AeroFix Aviation

    We undertake Rotax and Jabiru servicing, maintenance, repairs and rebuilds. We also have technical insight & resources for Rotax and Jabiru owner operators to help them service and understand their engines better.

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  • Airmax Paravolar S.L.

    Airmax Paravolar S.L.

    Airtech 4 stroke engine, 250 c.c., 39,5 Hp, 21 Kg ready to fly.

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  • Bilsam Aviation, Engines

    Bilsam Aviation, Engines

    BSA was founded with goal to share the joy of flying with common people who has always dreamed of flying but cannot afford it or do not have several hundred hours to build their own dream machines. With our products we have try to address wide variety of aviators (to be aviator).

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  • Bourke Engine Com

    Bourke Engine Com

    Bourke Engines! Super Efficient Green Engine Technology. Unique two-stroke design where the pistons are connected with a "Scotch Yoke" mechanism.

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  • Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines

    Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines

    The Briggs & Stratton Racing Division was formed in 1991 in order to cater to the needs of this specialized market. Briggs & Stratton's products, the venues in which they are used, and the engineering involved in...

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  • DeltaHawk Engines (diesel)

    DeltaHawk Engines (diesel)

    DeltaHawk Diesel Engines for Aviation, Marine and Land Based Applications.

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  • Diamond Engines

    Diamond Engines

    Developing and building a family of aircraft takes a long-term commitment and an unwavering vision - it's not for the faint of heart. Diamond not only has the vision and resources, but an owner who embodies the spirit of innovation.

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    The SMART turbo motor was conceived and developed by Daimler Chrysler as a radical new approach to the drive system for the new City Coupés. This project aimed at setting new standards in production by focusing particularly on the weight and therefore the ecological impact of the car.

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  • Firewall Forward

    Firewall Forward

    The popularity of the CAM 100 has grown steadily during that time and remains the most popular of models. New engine technology has made it possible to develop even more powerful engines based on the proven dependability...

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  • Freedom Motors

    Freedom Motors

    Learn about the latest innovation in rotary engines. The Freedom Motors Rotapower engine has a wide range of applications in all areas: water, land, and air. Find out where Freedom can take you.

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  • Great Plains Aircraft Supply

    Great Plains Aircraft Supply

    VW Based Engines for Sport Aircraft Great Plains Aircraft offers the most extensive line of VW based engine kits, accessory kits, and individual engine parts for VW powered sport aircraft. All this plus customer service...

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  • Hexatron Engineering

    Hexatron Engineering

    Hexatron Engineering Company, Inc. has manufactured commercial aircraft components since 1982 and continues to be an FAA-PMA approved manufacturing facility building crew seats for the McDonnell-Douglas fleet of DC9, DC1...

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  • Hirth-Engines


    We offer you a wide range of standard engines for use in water, on ground and in the air. The structure of our company allows us to develop and manufacture engines varying from the standard types and in accordance to th...

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  • HKS Aviation Japan

    HKS Aviation Japan

    The HKS 700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed, two cylinder, four-stroke engine used in Light aircraft, PPCÂ’s and Trikes.

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  • Hummel Engines

    Hummel Engines

    The Hummel 2 Cylinder VW — Powering the Hummelbird, Ultra Cruiser and other Experimental Amateur Built and Ultralight aircraft, Morry Hummel's 1/2 VW engine conversion plans have become a trusted standard in the avia...

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  • Jabiru Engines

    Jabiru Engines

    Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd is an innovative and entrepreneurial young Australian company whose mission is to develop and enhance affordable flying throughout the world.

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  • Jet RPM

    Jet RPM

    Homeflyengine for sailplane PRV and Droners. Mainly used as a Home-fly engine for gliders, but I imagine it could be used in ultralights too! (editors note)

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  • Limbach Aircraft Engines China

    Limbach Aircraft Engines China

    LIMBACH brand aircraft engine Xiamen Limbach Aircraft Engine Co. Ltd is a Germany company in china. Since 2012, Xiamen china limbach company has acquired Germany limbach company, Chinese companiy take over the limbach en...

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  • Lockwood Aviation

    Lockwood Aviation

    Founded in 1989, Lockwood Aviation Supply provides parts and service for all Rotax Powered Aircraft. We carry over 8,000 unique parts and supplies for Rotax engines and the aircraft they power. For 17 years, Lockwood en...

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  • Parma - Technik

    Parma - Technik

    The manufacturer of the airdraft engine mikron III

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  • Rotax Owner

    Rotax Owner

    Providing easy, internet access to ROTAX® aircraft engine service information, technical bulletins and other necessary owner/operator news

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  • Rotax® Aircraft Engines

    Rotax® Aircraft Engines

    The official Website of ROTAX® AIRCRAFT ENGINES goes online. On these pages you will find information about the company, the products with the latest engines types and last but not least a complete database search utility for the documents.

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  • Rotec Engineering

    Rotec Engineering

    Home of Rotec Engineering, rotecradial, radial engines, plane engines, aircraft engines, radial aircraft engines, experimental round aircraft engines.

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  • Sauer Flugmotorenbau

    Sauer Flugmotorenbau

    We produce Aircraft Engines that have the sole purpose of impressing their pilots anwe every flight. -in terms of power, efficiency, longevity and dependability Sauer - The Aircraft Engine Specialists

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  • Savoiacars aircraft engines

    Savoiacars aircraft engines

    ** Twin boxer, 4 stroke,air cooled, with oil cooler • 678 cc displacement, 9.5:1 compression • Fuel injection with programmable ECU, altimetric mixture compensation. Optional: double ignition • 12V electric...

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  • Simonini Engine

    Simonini Engine

    The new engine line features high reliability and power at low rpm.

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  • Zanzottera Engines

    Zanzottera Engines

    Born in 1982 Zanzottera Engines is a company dedicated to the design, development and production of piston engines for the propulsion of small and medium sized Uav's. All our engines are boxer configuration with carburettor or injection system.

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  • ZOCHE aero-diesels

    ZOCHE aero-diesels

    The Diesel engine has demonstrated the lowest specific fuel consumption of any prime mover (as low as .26 lb/hp hr for very large 2-stroke marine Diesels). It uses fuel which is much cheaper and still contains more energy per gallon than gasoline or avgas.

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