If you are looking for a great Propeller for your Light Aircraft, look no further! Listed here are the top propeller makers in the Ligh Aviation industry.

  • AERO prop

    AERO prop

    AERO company has over 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of aircraft, components and spare parts made ​​of composite materials. Main products – it’s propellers for ultralight and ...

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  • Aerobat


    Aerobat SL began 12 years ago when Jose-Miguel Batalla started to make own propellers for him and some other friends and after verifying that it obtained an increase of yield and the saving in more of a 20%p in front of ...

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  • Air King Propellers

    Air King Propellers

    Manufacturer of high quality wood and composite propellers. Specialized in: Kevlar-Carbon Fiber-Fiberglass and 5 Layer laminated wooden propellers

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  • Airmaster


    The AIRMASTER PROPELLER does everything better. The improvements are not small, dramatic.

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  • AliSport Srl

    AliSport Srl

    The manufacturer of the ULM Yuma plane and of the Silent Club, Silent 2, and Silent 2 Targa series of light sailplanes ´ ALISPORT's two blade and three blade idovario system propellers, offered in pusher or tractor mod...

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  • Arplast - ECOprop Propellers

    Arplast - ECOprop Propellers

    Arplast Propeller Aircraft Propellers sarl ultralight and amateur-built aircraft. prototype parts in composite carbon-glass-epoxy. Editors note: Arplast is no longer in business

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  • Arrowprop


    Arrowprop Company manufacturers wood and composite Aircraft Propellers, Ultralight Aircraft Propellers and Experimental Aircraft Propellers.

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  • Bolly


    Bolly Optima Series Propellers are perhaps the best sports aviation propellers available. We started with a clean sheet and designed the best prop we could, using the latest in design and construction techniques.

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  • Born Propeller Manufacturer

    Born Propeller Manufacturer

    Born Propeller was established in 1985 because we wished to make the vision for different developments of propeller theories out of human powered flight and the methods of calculation of Gene Larabee applicable for microlight aircrafts.

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  • Brolga Ultra-Prop

    Brolga Ultra-Prop

    High performance Ultra-Prop blades are available for larger, faster, higher horsepower ultralight aircraft. The Brolga blades are manufactured in Australia by Aerofibre Industries Pty, Ltd. and are certified there and in...

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  • Catto Propellers

    Catto Propellers

    Catto Propellers has been in the business of design, analysis and manufacturing of composite propellers for the Long Eze, Cozy, Velocity, RV-4, RV-6, RV-7, RV-8, RV-9, Lancair and many other homebuilt aircraft for many years.

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  • Culverprops / Valley Engineering

    Culverprops / Valley Engineering

    Valley Engineering, L.L.C and Culver Propellers specialize in giving you the very best in speed reduction units for the VW engine, and custom made propellers for your ultralight aircraft.

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  • GSC Systems Ltd.

    GSC Systems Ltd.

    GSC produces quality maple hardwood props for Ultralights, Airboats, and PPG. We offer fixed-pitch and 2 or 3-BLade ground adjustable.

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  • GT Propellers

    GT Propellers

    At the beguinning of Third Millennium, througout more and more innovative systems and techniques, GT PROPELLERS is committed to manage its own future. In a vary wide range of products, are included 2-3-4 bladed fixed-pi...

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  • Hartzell Propeller

    Hartzell Propeller

    Hartzell Propeller Inc. is an aircraft propeller design and aircraft propeller manufacturer in Piqua, Ohio USA. The company traces its history to 1914 when a relationship between Orville Wright and Robert Hartzell l...

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  • Hercules Propellers

    Hercules Propellers

    Tailor made propellers, individually designed for your aircraft to maximise performance. To achieve optimal performance, any aircraft requires a specifically designed propeller. When all of the many attributes of a prop...

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  • JC Propeller Design

    JC Propeller Design

    JC Propeller Design With this program you can build your own propellers and save money, and at the same time get a propeller that is specially computer designed for you.

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  • Kievprop


    We produce a range of ground adjustable pitch propellers with diameter of 1.6-1.9 m, left and right rotation, in 3/ 5/ 6 blades options. Propellers are designed to be installed on the aircraft with engines with gear box...

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  • Russian Propellers

    Russian Propellers

    D-prop is calculated and designed for Ultralight and Light Sport aircraft. In production since 1998 (Avista).

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  • Smart Avionics Ltd.

    Smart Avionics Ltd.

    Producing a range of innovative products for homebuilt aircraft including constant speed controllers for VP props and a dynamic propeller balancer.

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  • Tennessee Propeller Inc.

    Tennessee Propeller Inc.

    Tennessee Propeller Inc. manufactures wooden propellers for ultralight aircraft, experimental aircraft, microlight aircraft. We're also distributor for Zenoah two cycle engines models G50C, G50D and G25B-1.

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  • UL-X Helices

    UL-X Helices

    UL-X wood propellers for paramotors, ultralights and low powered experimental aircrafts and airboats.

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  • VZLU Propellers

    VZLU Propellers

    Division of aircraft propellers traditionally belongs to important parts of VZLÚ, plc. Its products are used in the aerospace as well as the general industries. The division covers a wide range of activities from basic research to the batch production.

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  • Warp Drive Aircraft Propellers

    Warp Drive Aircraft Propellers

    We are a world-wide distributor for Warp Drive carbon fiber propellers and offer factory-direct pricing to our customers. Also selling Warp Drive Airboat Propellers, including the Airboat Turboprops. Hoverhawk Corporati...

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  • Whirl Wind Propellers

    Whirl Wind Propellers

    Whirl Wind Propellers Corporation is a recognized industry leader in producing quality, high performance composite constant speed propeller systems for experimental aircraft as well as composite propeller systems for airboats.

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    The WOODCOMP company offers for identification and sale the tens of types and more than 150 variants of the aircraft propellers, suitable for all types of aero-engines and aircraft flying in category UL and EXPERIMENTAL.

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  • www.aero.lg.ua


    PC AERO manufactures high quality composite propellers of ground adjustable pitch, springs for suspension. 17 blade models can be in 2-5 blade variant.

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