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Summit Powered Parachutes USA
In 1999, at the Sun n Fun airshow in Florida, the Summit II made its debut and we have never looked back since. The uniqueness of the Summit created a real interest and we had many people comment on how different our kit was then anything they had ever seen in the market. They were right!!!. We had incorporated in our very unique design, a true two seat placement that allowed pilot and passenger to sit in their own separate seats for the most comfortable arrangement. We had a single fuselage tube that had every attach point triangulated, we had a slider foot control system for ease of canopy steering, we had stainless steel rails around the pilot and passenger for maximum protection, we had a four point pick up system for our risers for the best control against any pendulum affect and above that, all the kits were anodized which was superior to the typical powder coating. Our landing gear was designed so that it was back under the engine so that in the event of a hard landing, the wheels would touch first, not the protective propeller guard thus eliminating a lot of the problems with broken propeller blades that plagued our competitors.


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