Dream Classic Ultralight

by Airdrome Aeroplanes
Dream Classic Ultralight - Photo #1

The dream classic is airdrome airplanes answer to the cry for an FAA legal, safe, three axis control system, back to basics ultralight aircraft. The dream classic ultralight is a full three axis aircraft with a side mount stick & is covered with the certified poly fiber process. This kit comes with all machining & required welding pre-done. Construction time is normally around 100/120 man hours .

Source: airdromeaeroplanes.com


Empty weight:
241 lbs (109 kg)
491 lbs (223 kg)
Stall speed:
23 kts (26 mph) (43 kph)
Cruise speed:
50 kts (58 mph) (93 kph)
55 kts (63 mph) (102 kph)
850 ft/min (4.3 m/s)
Take-off distance:
200 ft (61 m)
Landing distance:
200 ft (61 m)
Rotax 447 SCSI
For sale for: USD 3,495 / EUR 3,215

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