Airco DH 2 Ultralight Biplane

by Airdrome Aeroplanes
Airco DH 2 Ultralight Biplane - Photo #1

The Airco DH.2 was a single-seat pusher biplane flown during the First World War by the Allies. Designed by Geoffrey de Havilland, it was Airco's second model of pusher aeroplanes.

Here is Airdrome Aeroplanes answer to all ultralight pilots who want to pilot their own WWI flying machine, a beautiful replica of the original Airco DH.2!

Editors note: There isn't much information yet the Airdrome's website, just a video (see below).


Empty weight:
343 lbs (156 kg)
561 lbs (254 kg)
Stall speed:
24 kts (28 mph) (44 kph)
Cruise speed:
42 kts (48 mph) (78 kph)
52 kts (60 mph) (96 kph)
Valley Engineering Big Twin HP: 40hp
For sale for: USD 5,995 / EUR 5,515

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