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Zodiac CH 601 XL Zenith Aircraft Company - Zenair

Zodiac CH 601 XL

Seller / Manufacturer / Information

Zenith Aircraft Company

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The ZODIAC XL was introduced in 2001 and was Zenith's first entry for the Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category. The ZODIAC CH 601 XL model introduced a new airfoil and larger wing area than its predecessors. With new wing flaps, stall speed was kept low for recreational pilots.

The ZODIAC XL was configured to take full advantage of its increased useful load, with larger wing tanks and baggage areas. The new ZODIAC CH 650 was introduced in July 2008, replacing the ZODIAC XL model.


  • Empty weight: 688 lbs
  • MTOW: 1301 lbs
  • Stall speed: 38 kts
  • Cruise speed: 120 kts
  • Never exceed speed VNE: 140 kts
  • Climb: 1200 ft/min
  • Glide ratio: 12:1
  • Takeoff distance (50ft obstacle): 300 ft
  • Landing distance (50´ft obstacle): 300 ft
  • Engine: rotax 912uls
  • Fuel consumption: 4 gph
  • Zodiac CH 601 XL
  • For sale for: 82336 USD
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