Xenon Ultralight Gyrocopter

by ABS AeroLight
Xenon Ultralight Gyrocopter - Photo #1

Editors note: This is a great gyrocopter for sale for $83,623 (€65 000)

AVIATION CELIER presents the product of four years of extensive research in gyrocopters field with 8000 hours / € 330,000 Invested.

The XENON ® is ingeniously and solidly constructed in a one-Piece composite body equipped with all necessary reinforcements at O key. Its spacious cabin offers an incomparable side-by-side Comfort (125 cm), giant windows and a wrap around windshield molded, All which insured optimal visibility. A new helicopter types dashboard will fit all Necessary instruments and accessories. A padded center armrest and adjustable ergonomics composite seats add to the XENON's incredible comfort.

The undercarriage is simple ..... efficient, sturdy aluminum with 2 blades at the rear, equipped with 2400 * 4 wheels, longer driveable head welded fork. The drive is through a kind Carbon DUC propeller with a generous diameter (1.74m) for an optimal thrust.

The Machine's stability is assured through a large tail group, with two vertical fixed purpose with an aerodynamic symmetrical profile & and mobile rudders, completed with a horizontal 1 m² stabilizer with a span of 2 m, it is all supported by two keels (diameter 64" AU4G ). All tail winglets are more to efficiently direct the airflow and further top increase the general stability.

This is confirmed in flight with an exemplary behavior. No effect is noticed engine, normal pitch variation with different engine settings, normal vibration or resonance.

The push trust line is exactly going through the general gravity center, this is one of our little secret stability and safety of the Xenon... We have kept a propeller clearance of 18 "and 22" at the tail; Permitting easy off-road uses floats and gold mounting!

We have an aussi reserved a location on the frame for rocket launch parachute-in soft-pack, side eject.

* Static test at 15 ° C, low pitch propeller set.

.....We have chosen differente engines worthy of this concept, with a generous continuous power from Rotax 912S with 100 hp, 914 Turbo with 115 hp and the new 912 Turbo with 122.5 hp ; economic, quiet, torquy, minimal maintenance.

We have chosen for the rotor the model with extruded aluminium 6005T6 anodized profile NACA 8H12 200mm width, reliable and manufactured and tested by AIRCOPTER. Has high inertia, homogeneous structure, non sensitive to temperature and humidity variation ; it is unbeatable compared to composite rotors. They come perfectly balanced in static and dynamic ! Very easy to disassemble and reassemble headeck free, the blades are set in pitch in advance and not adjustable. It is certified in Germany.

The rotor head is home made to the highest standards and best raw materials, corrosion protected, well designed for strengh, central axel of 30mm, main rotor axel is 12mm 12.9 class. Our rotor brake system is exclusive with a special manufactured ferrodo disk.

.....This concept lends itself to those concerned with inflight safety. The concept of a structual cabin, common in the world of automobiles, will efficently protect in case of shock. No need to offer your body as a bumper ! .....On board access is meant to be easy. To be protected from the cold and bad weather, insects,...is more pleasent...even in an autogyro !


  • Main body with shiny acrylique color (metallic varnished on option).
  • Ergonomic adjustable composite seats.
  • Complete double controls, gaz throttle, pre-rotator and choke handles & electrical equipment in a central console.
  • Hydrolic brakes on rear wheels
  • Mechanical prerotator capacity 300T/mn
  • Complete cabin soud proofing / carpetting, padded central armrest, cabin light, feet windows, cabin lightning
  • Helicopter type dashboard with : altimeter, variometer, windmeter, engine tachometer, 2 exhaust and head temperatures, hourmeter ,voltmeter (MED 80), rotor tachometer, fuel gauge.

Overhead a transparent roof offers panoramic view of the rotor and your environnement. Behind each seat you'll find a great lugage compartment (250 liters). We have recreated a cosy automobile interior and have paid every attention to comfort which contributes to the serenity / pleasure and security of your flight!

...and in options, standard or ANR helmets, VHF radio, intercom, transponder, GPS, 1x 50 W headlights, strobes & navigation lights.Full doors, propeller hub, umbroided floor carpet, cabin heating with double adjustable vents, fuel flow, fuel pressure...and heated seats !

Source: absaerolight.com
Photo #1 by By Jakub Haun


Empty weight:
584 lbs (265 kg)
1041 lbs (472 kg)
Stall speed:
13 kts (15 mph) (24 kph)
Cruise speed:
86 kts (99 mph) (159 kph)
108 kts (124 mph) (200 kph)
1575 ft/min (8 m/s)
Glide ratio:
Rotax 914 912S or Hirth
For sale for: USD 83,623 / EUR 76,933

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Xenon Ultralight Gyrocopter - Photo #2
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