Whisper Motorglider

by Whisper Aircraft
Whisper Motorglider - Photo #1

The motorglider prototype first flew in 2004. Of the 52 under construction 25 are already flying. Apart from being a very capable motorglider the Whisper is also a comfortable tourer with a massive cabin and a good turn of speed.

The kit includes all the mouldings and other items that are difficult to manufacture yourself. Wings, tailplane and rudder are built using mouldless techniques and have a solid foam core. This allows for an inexpensive, yet enormously strong structure. During certification a motorglider wing was tested to 10.6g (more than 3000kg was loaded on one wing!).

There are flying videos available in the dropbox (access via the pricing button on the home page). The preferred powerplant is the Rotax 912 (80Hp) matched with a Woodcomp variable pitch, feathering prop. Utilising the closing air inlets on the top cowl and with the prop feathered the 16m. Whisper manages a very respectable 1:28 glide ratio which is about as good or better than any 2 seat tractor configured fixed gear motorglider in the world.

Pictures on this page show GXW which was our first demonstrator (now in Australia) as well as our second demonstrator, FDI . GXW has a Limbach 2000 with Hoffman prop and FDI a Rotax with Woodcomp prop.


Empty weight:
1168 lbs (530 kg)
1708 lbs (775 kg)
Stall speed:
38 kts (44 mph) (70 kph)
Cruise speed:
95 kts (109 mph) (176 kph)
132 kts (152 mph) (244 kph)
Glide ratio:
80-100 HP
Fuel consumption:
3.2 GPH (11.4 LPH)

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Whisper Motorglider - Photo #2
Whisper Motorglider - Photo #3


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