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The Typhoon designed around the 90 to 100 knot capability, nice wide 44 inch cockpit, dual piston disc brakes on 6 inch wheels required to hold the torque of the engine. Having most of the components or material supplied takes the guess work and time means more time to build. Metal has an inbuilt design strength,no glues NO SANDING, just straight out building.

A well proportioned aircraft, a delight to fly available as Tri or Tail Dragger. Ideal for wet grass and beach landings to get you into those hard to get fishing spots with an engine that really has the grunt.

"Created for those with a passion to fly and are always in search of cheap flights, made in Australia to suit Australian conditions, the Typhoon, a 2-seat side by side design with a wide 1100 mm (44 inch) cockpit makes this aircraft quite roomy inside.

It is powered by the RG TT 2000 belt drive engine, which produces real torque for what most 2-seat aircraft require these days. Unlike in the USA, where just over the horizon is a long paved runway, in Australia we do not seem to have that luxury.

The Typhoon has 6-inch wheels for better ground handling on grass fields and with twin piston calliper brakes, provides strong braking and holding power. The aircraft, constructed from 6061 T6 alloy, can be built all year round. No need to wait for glues to go off, things to set, humidity, temperature is not really an issue when building a metal aircraft.

The hard parts are already made for you. All or most of the formed parts are already made and all the chrome molly components are tig welded. The main spars are pre-riveted and joined to the centre section so that the dihedral is set accurately for you. Flight instruments, engine instruments, seat belts, interior trim material are all part of the package you receive from Homebuilt Aviation.

The Typhoon is now available with a Tinted Bubble Canopy, which just adds a touch of class to this exciting, well-proportioned aircraft."

Source: homebuilt-aviation.com


Empty weight:
661 lbs (300 kg)
1199 lbs (544 kg)
Stall speed:
38 kts (44 mph) (70 kph)
Cruise speed:
95 kts (109 mph) (176 kph)
130 kts (150 mph) (241 kph)
1100 ft/min (5.6 m/s)
Take-off distance:
250 ft (76 m)
Landing distance:
400 ft (122 m)
RG TT 2000
Fuel consumption:
4 GPH (15.1 LPH)
For sale for: USD 30,000 / EUR 27,600


  • Homebuild Aviation Pty Ltd

    Homebuild Aviation Pty Ltd

    Australian supplier of metal kit aircraft for the home aviation builder, featuring the Typhoon Aircraft and the Cyclone Aircraft, powered by the RG TT2000 engine and the TT2200 engine by VW Engines.Stockists of amateur aviation builders' supplies in Australia and the USA.

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    Stall speed:
    44 kts (51 mph) (81 kph)
    Cruise speed:
    115 kts (132 mph) (213 kph)
    Empty weight:
    661 lbs (300 kg)
    1199 lbs (544 kg)

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