T211 Thorpedo LSA (Light sport aircraft)

by Indus Aviation
T211 Thorpedo LSA (Light sport aircraft) - Photo #1

The Thorp T-211,was designed by the legendary aircraft designer, John Thorp. The original airplane was designed and type certificated in 1946 as the Thorp T11. Updated to 100 HP in the 1960's, and designated the T211, it was completely re-engineered, modernized and re-certified by the FAA in 1990.

Thorp Aero of Sturgis, Kentucky in 1990-91, manufactured the T 211 under an FAA Production Certificate. The project was stopped due to the economic climate of the times. IndUS Aviation acquired the rights to production, tooling and a large inventory of parts and spares, which launched our manufacture of this airplane.

Source: indusav.com

Editors note: take-off and landing distance not over 50ft obstacle



Empty weight:
775 lbs (352 kg)
1270 lbs (576 kg)
Stall speed:
39 kts (45 mph) (72 kph)
Cruise speed:
107 kts (123 mph) (198 kph)
Take-off distance:
450 ft (137 m)
Landing distance:
495 ft (151 m)
Continental 0-200-A, 100 hp

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T211 Thorpedo LSA (Light sport aircraft) - Photo #2