Super Pulsar 100

by Pulsar Aircraft Corporation
Super Pulsar 100 - Photo #1


Easy to build, Affordable, 2 Place High Performance Composite kit plane 

Designed around the same beautiful lines as the legendary Pulsar XP,  the "Super Pulsar 100."  was introduced by Pulsar Aircraft Corporation In August 2001.  

A high performance sport airplane capable of cruising at speeds over 200 mph but yet docile and safe for low time pilots .  It's 2500 fpm climb will leave you breathless and it's docile and slow flight stability lets you land on short fields.  38 gallon fuel capacity for seven hours of endurance and 1250 mile range.  

Speaking of endurance, building the Pulsar will not test your endurance like some of the other kits on the market.  with the Fast Build option You can build it in under 500 hours.  All composite parts are pre-formed and hardware parts are pre-machined, leaving little to be fabricated by the builder. Fuselage shells and Vertical Fin are joined at the factory, and the Wings come Structurally assembled with fuel tank sealed.   A completion stage that is unheard of in the kit industry.       

Room to Relax  -  It's 44" wide cabin offers unmatched comfort for  6'7" pilots on those long cross country flights.       

Power to Match and Versatility -  Unlike our competitors, the  "SUPER PULSAR 100" is the only airplane in it's class that can be fitted with a wide variety of engines and firewall Forward Kits options:

The Pulsar PowerMax-120 hp.   Continental IO240-125hp or 0200-100hp.   Lycoming 235-115hp. 

The Rotax-80 to 115hp and the Jabiru- 80 to 120hp engines.  Versatility in a true sense 

Huge Baggage Capacity - Nothing should be left behind when FLYING on vacations.

Tail Dragger or Tri-Gear - Your choice.

Detachable Wings -  Allows for taking the wings apart and loading it on a trailer in 30 minutes for storage. 

Builder Friendly Kit - Designed with the amateur, first-time builder in mind the Super Pulsar 100 is very simple to  construct and takes the lowest amount of hours to complete.  Today's busy pilots can actually build the Super Pulsar 100 in under 6 months working 20 hours each week in a one car garage.

Fast Build Kit - Options are available, further reducing the time to build your dream aircraft.  You can build the SP100 in 500 hours.

Highest Quality - The kit contains all materials required to complete the airframe.  All Composite parts are constructed of high temperature epoxy resin pre-impregnated fiberglass and carbon fiber, honeycomb core, materials.  The parts are then Vacuum  pressured and cured at 250 degrees (F).  These parts are strong, light weight and quick to assemble.  All metal Parts are fabricated with the highest quality and are ready for assembly.

Flying the SP100 -  Described by our first flight Test Pilot Dave Morse who has accumulated over 20,000 hours throughout his career and test flown hundreds of aircrafts: 

"You have one heck of an airplane here".  At density altitude calculated to be over 7000 feet  "the aircraft climbed effortlessly.  The airplane flies very smooth and stable.  The nose kept tracking straight in spite of it being bumpy and turbulent up there.  Very well balanced and harmonized stick forces between the elevator and ailerons and having no adverse yaw at all.   

Landing the SP100 in Dave's words: "This is a baby carriage".  It handles like a 172/182 (Cessna) in the pattern.  Take a new pilot with low time for one hour and let him go".  In other words the SP100 is a very safe and stable airplane in the landing pattern.

Wing span: 25’ Wing area: 80 sq ft Aspect ratio: 7.8:1 Wing loading: 17.5 lb/sq ft Load limits: +9, -6 g Length: 20’ Height: 5’11" Cabin width: 44" Cargo: 60 lb. Fuel: 38 gal


Editors note: The Pulsar aircraft website is no longer available.

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Empty weight:
750 lbs (340 kg)
1400 lbs (635 kg)
Stall speed:
48 kts (55 mph) (89 kph)
Cruise speed:
181 kts (208 mph) (335 kph)
191 kts (220 mph) (354 kph)
2200 ft/min (11.2 m/s)
Take-off distance:
500 ft (152 m)
Landing distance:
800 ft (244 m)
Pulsar Power Rotax , Jabiru, Continental

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