by Warner Aerocraft
Sportster - Photo #1

The Sportster is a new aircraft design that we recently finished; it's still the same configuration, open cockpit 2 place tandem like the Revolution aeroplane.

We've built two versions of the Sportster, one with both seats open, one with the front seat open or covered and the rear a removable canopy.

The Sportsters have flown over 250 hours, and has completed several cross country trials, spin testing, mild aerobatic testing and is currently being flown several times a week, and used for demo rides! The Sportster is also undergoing a design stress analysis. We are very encouraged by the numbers coming back so far, we estimate stall at 45 MPH, and a 130MPH max cruise due to the more streamlined wind screens, and less wing area!

The Sportster was designed to offer the taller and wider pilots an alternative. It keeps the same look as all the Warner line of aerocraft but the fuselage is stretched and widened to allow 6'5 tall pilots to fly in comfort. Of course being open cockpit, tall doesn't seem to be a problem from first glance (no top) but the cockpit of the prior airplanes was limited by leg room.

We typically attend the Lakeland Sun N Fun and Oshkosh airshows. The Sportster flying quality report can be found in the in the August 2000 Sport Aviation magazine ( a big thank you to EAA) it was a big hit and are currently taking orders for the kit.

The Sportster is currently planned for kit only sales and we do not currently intend to offer a plans only option for the aerocraft.

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Notes: Aircraft sold as kit and take-off and landing distance not over 50ft obstacle.


Empty weight:
850 lbs (386 kg)
1500 lbs (680 kg)
Stall speed:
39 kts (45 mph) (72 kph)
Cruise speed:
113 kts (130 mph) (209 kph)
1175 ft/min (6 m/s)
Take-off distance:
425 ft (130 m)
Landing distance:
400 ft (122 m)
85 - 160 HP
For sale for: USD 16,495 / EUR 15,175