SkyArrow 450 TS

by Italian Industrial initiatives S.P.A.
SkyArrow 450 TS - Photo #1

The Sky Arrow UL/AUL is easy to fly, with superb visibility and low operating costs. The Sky Arrow UL/AUL is an out-standing personal aircraft, as well as an excellent trainer. Manufactured with corrosion-free carbon fibre sandwich, the airframe is extremely strong yet lightweight, resulting in an aircraft with exceptional take-off and flight performance.

Headroom, and dual side stick controls provide the ultimate in comfort and visibility for both pilot and passenger. Enjoy the spacious instrument panel, electric flap and elevator trim, low cockpit noise levels and baggage space for local flights or extended trips.

The Skyarrow is also available as a 480 kg version (480 TS).

Below from the SkyArrow 450TS brochure

The Sky Arrow 450T or TS is a tandem seat aircraft designed and manufactured in Italy by Iniziative Industriali Italiane (Meteor) S.p.A., a company manufacturing gliders, airplanes and Remotely Piloted Vehiclessince1947. It is a single engine, high wing, T-tail and fixed tricycle landing gear aircraft. The Sky Arrow 450T or 450TS is intended for sport recreational activity as well as for training purposes. As far as aerodynamics and geometry are concerned, this model is similar to the certified SKY ARROW 650 line of aircraft, also manufactured in the same factory. In the ultralight category the maximum takeoff weight is limited to 450 kg (992 lb). Although, belonging to this category, production of the 450T or 450TS is not supervised by the local Certification Authority (ENAC), it is carried out with the same production methods and controls used for certified aircraft. The Sky Arrow 450T or 450TS is almost entirely built of carbon fiber sandwich, and therefore has a very high strength-to- weight ratio.



Empty weight:
631 lbs (286 kg)
992 lbs (450 kg)
Stall speed:
33 kts (38 mph) (61 kph)
Cruise speed:
97 kts (112 mph) (180 kph)
121 kts (139 mph) (224 kph)
1250 ft/min (6.4 m/s)
Take-off distance:
525 ft (160 m)
Landing distance:
558 ft (170 m)
ROtax 912
Fuel consumption:
5 GPH (18.9 LPH)


SkyArrow 450 TS - Photo #2