Sherwood Ranger

by The Light Aircraft Company Ltd
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The “Sherwood Ranger” is a lightweight two seat open cockpit biplane, designed to reduce the cost of owning and operating your own aeroplane to the absolute minimum. One of its major features is that the wings can be folded and the aeroplane loaded onto a trailer in less than three minutes, thus eliminating hangarage costs by allowing the aeroplane to be stored at home. Landing fees are unnecessary because the superb performance and handling characteristics allow safe operation from unprepared grass fields as short as 250yds. The rugged construction coupled with classic timeless styling, ensures that well maintained examples will hold their resale value indefinitely.

The aeroplane is manufactured and supplied in kit form for home construction by TLAC Ltd. To spread the cost of purchase, complete airframe kits are split into six stages. Each stage is available for purchase separately. The skills and tools required to construct an aeroplane from the supplied prefabricated components are similar to those possessed by the average DIY handyman or model aircraft constructor. Full detailed instructions are supplied and telephone support is provided by TLAC Ltd. In addition, a nation-wide network of fully experienced aircraft inspectors are provided through the Popular Flying Association.

All builders in Britain are required to become PFA or BMAA members and register their project.

The current standard engine for the Sherwood Ranger ST version ( 450 kg)is the Rotax 582, fitted with a three blade ground adjustable propeller, however various modern lightweight engines and suitable propellers can be fitted. Engines like Verner, Jabiru, BMW etc. Please note that due to the large variety of options available, the cost of the engine, propeller, instruments, paint and upholstery, is not included in the basic airframe price list.



Empty weight:
528 lbs (239 kg)
992 lbs (450 kg)
Stall speed:
38 kts (44 mph) (70 kph)
Cruise speed:
65 kts (75 mph) (120 kph)
87 kts (100 mph) (161 kph)
1000 ft/min (5.1 m/s)
Take-off distance:
700 ft (213 m)
Landing distance:
800 ft (244 m)
Rotax 582, Jabiru, BMW
For sale for: USD 7,871 / EUR 6,690

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    The Light Aircraft Company Ltd.

    Welcome to the Sherwood Ranger a timeless British 2 seat biplane, available as kit or plans build. A stunning classic design with outstanding engineering features and unique 3 minute wing fold capability.

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