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SD-1 Minisport amateur built aircraft

SD-1 Minisport amateur built aircraft
SD-1 Minisport amateur built aircraft
SD-1 Minisport amateur built aircraft

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Note: If you like the SD1 Minisport, check out the B612, a single seat European ultralight with retractable gear!

The SD-1 is made mostly of wood and is a homebuilt single seat ultralight or LSA (light sport aircraft) depending on regional regulations.  

The Spacek SD-1 Minisport is designed and produced by Spacek s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. Several options are avaialable if you wish to own an SD-1 Minisport. Choose between plans, kit or a ready to fly airplane. 

Sold by SPACEK "Important notice: the main wing, elevator and fin spars are not included in drawings. These parts are made of vacum bagging technology and due to this are delivered in basic kit." Source: sdplanes.com

- Quick build kit: can be finished in 100 -300 hrs
- Airframe kit 51%: construction time 400 - 700 hrs
- Basic kit: can be finished in about 800-1200 hrs

SD-1 RTF (Ready To Fly) AIRPLANE
In basic version with Briggs&Stratton Vanguard (24 HP) engine, wood propeller, basic instruments, without rescue system.

Other engines in offer: Hirth F-33 AS (28 HP), Hirth F-23 AS (50HP), Verner JCV-360.

The SD-1 is available in different versions:

- SD-1 TD: taildragger
- SD-1 TG: tricycle gear
- SD-1 TD XL: taildragger version for taller pilots
- SD-1 TG XL: tricycle gear version for taller pilots

Don't forget to visit the SDPlanes discussion groups, Spacek's and Skycraft Airplanes (the US dealer for SD-1). 

Editors note: Interesting article about the SD-1 Minisport (N123SD) crash.


  • Empty weight: 287 lbs
  • MTOW: 529 lbs
  • Stall speed: 35 kts
  • Cruise speed: 92 kts
  • Never exceed speed VNE: 110 kts
  • Climb: 787 ft/min
  • Takeoff distance (50ft obstacle): 820 ft
  • Landing distance (50´ft obstacle): 984 ft
  • Engine: Trabant 30 HP, Hirth F-33 or 23, 2702, B&S 22 HP
  • Fuel consumption: 2 gph
  • SD-1 Minisport amateur built aircraft
  • For sale for: 13995 USD
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