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Ramphos - Photo #1

Emerging from its earthbound roots and growing wings to fly into the unbound, RAMPHOS is an amphibious flying hull with wings made of anti-UV mylar of 15 mq. mounted as standard. Wings up to 21mq or the new strong foldable wing (tested +6/-36)can be mounted too. Ramphos comes as three-cycle configuration, where different engine size can be mounted ranging from 50 to 80 Hp (Rotax, Hirt, etc.). The propeller can be both two or three bladed, made of wood or composite material. The propeller ring functions as a protective as well as an anti-noise device.

Source: www.ramphos.com


Empty weight:
463 lbs (210 kg)
992 lbs (450 kg)
Stall speed:
26 kts (30 mph) (48 kph)
Cruise speed:
59 kts (68 mph) (109 kph)
78 kts (90 mph) (144 kph)
Take-off distance:
328 ft (100 m)
Rotax 582, 912


  • Ramphos Amphibious Trike

    Ramphos Amphibious Trike

    The first model of the Ramphos flying boat was made in 1998. Ramphos flying boats are easy to fly, even for non expert pilots. They can be used for leisure purposes, sight seeing tours, fishing activities, adventure jour...

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