Quicksilver MX Sport

by Quicksilver Mfg
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Quicksilver MX

For those of you who wanted more! Created for the discriminating pilot who wants the excitement of a great performing airplane.


When we introduced the MX Sprint, it was greeted with resounding approval. But some people wanted even more performance. So, for those of you who wanted more, we now proudly introduce the MX Sport.

The MX Sport was designed to enhance the envelope of your flying pleasure. Its sleek, shortspan double-surface wing with full-span ailerons and conventional three-axis controls give the MX Sport a faster roll rate, greater speed range and better crosswind capability. Its 42 horsepower Rotax 447 engine and large 66-inch propeller give the Sport an exceptional climb rate.

The MX Sport comes standard with Quicksilver's world-renowned quality and a six-month written limited warranty. (See dealer for details.) We are the only manufacturer in the industry with enough confidence in our products to make such an offer.

All Quicksilver kits feature easy-to-assemble construction -- we do all the fabrication, you just bolt it together. Where other kits give you raw materials, we give you finished parts. You'll be flying in days, not weeks or months.

More performance...you wanted it, now you can have it!

Source: www.quicksilveraircraft.com


Empty weight:
254 lbs (115 kg)
525 lbs (238 kg)
Stall speed:
23 kts (26 mph) (43 kph)
Cruise speed:
46 kts (53 mph) (85 kph)
64 kts (74 mph) (119 kph)
850 ft/min (4.3 m/s)
Take-off distance:
250 ft (76 m)
Landing distance:
300 ft (91 m)
Rotax Model 447
Fuel consumption:
3 GPH (11.4 LPH)


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