by Paradise Aircraft
P-1 - Photo #1

The P-1 is constructed using the proven reliability and durability of the all metal GA aircraft. Its 4130 steel tube frame is welded using the utmost care and latest technology, and is covered with aviation grade aluminum making it a very sturdy machine, that should provide a life time of service with minimal care.

Powered by a reliable 100 HP Rotax 912 ULS (that has proven itself in years of operation), it offers outstanding short field take off and landing performance, with excellent climbing rate and cruise speed.

The cowling can be easily removed by one person making it easy to access every component for inspection and maintenance

It is a high wing, two seat, side by side aircraft similar to a Cessna 150, but that is where the similarity ends.

The combination of its wing design and large moving horizontal tail (stabilator) produces a very gentle yet stable aircraft with a good stall characteristic. This, coupled with the ruggedness of its landing gear, dual control system, and a wide range of optional, makes it an excellent trainer. Taxiing is easy with the pedal steered nose gear and large hydraulic brake system.

The large cabin width (43.3 inches), panel mounted yoke, unhindered floor space providing lots of leg room, with, the standard leather upholstery can accommodate two large occupants in plush comfort.

The behind the seat baggage space (largest of its category), with 75 lbs of load capacity and over 18 cubic ft of available space can carry a lot of luggage, including 2 golf bags plus a cooler or perhaps your fishing and camping gear. No hotel, remove the seat, place a sleeping bag for a 6 ft + person to sleep in comfort.

The inherent nose down level flight characteristic, offers a superb ahead and all around Visibility for both safety and enjoyment.

Whether you plan to operate from a grassy field or from an international airport the P-1 will cater to your need, at a 120 mph cruise speed, low gas consumption and over 500 mile range.

The Paradise P-1 complies with all aspects of the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) ASTM standards, that specify the design and performance requirements of the two types of LSA aircraft. Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA). Easy to service and maintain and if registered as an E-LSA can have even the annual inspection made by the owner.


Empty weight:
815 lbs (370 kg)
1320 lbs (599 kg)
Stall speed:
35 kts (40 mph) (65 kph)
Cruise speed:
99 kts (114 mph) (183 kph)
124 kts (143 mph) (230 kph)
800 ft/min (4.1 m/s)
Glide ratio:
Take-off distance:
511 ft (156 m)
Rotax 912 ULS
Fuel consumption:
4.6 GPH (15.1 LPH)
For sale for: USD 108,300 / EUR 99,636