by Aeromoragon S.L.
Moragon - Photo #1

Aeromoragón SL. is proud to present its new Moragón - Stela.

The fruit of innovation and the will of the company to continue improving, we have developed the new Stela model at a very competitive price.

This new ultralight maintains all the characteristics and reliability of its predecessor Moragón M-1, but with improved performance. Amongst the introduced improvements we emphasized:

Reduction of the wing's angle:
This modification has allowed us to increase both the cruise speed and the maximum speed of the aircraft while maintaining the stall recovery excellence that characterized its predecessor.

GT Propeller with fiber covering:
High performance propeller to obtain the engine's best performance

New instrument panel
Instrument panel with different levels, to improve the location of the instruments. This panel allows different customisations for the instruments.

Different motorizations
Jabiru's 80 HP engine.

Verner's 85 HP engine.
Rotax's 80 HP and 100 HP engine

New fibre's undercarriage
We have developed a new fibre's undercarriage. Ideal for dust runways or schools.

New ergonomic seats, with multitude of different colors
Our airplanes are designed so that you can make those trips you have always dreamed of...

... and to make them as confortable as possible

Inner load area for suitcases.
Inner zone of the airplane, designed for the transport of a small suitcase of up to 25 kgs and with sufficient space to install a ballistic parachute.



Empty weight:
595 lbs (270 kg)
992 lbs (450 kg)
Stall speed:
27 kts (31 mph) (50 kph)
Cruise speed:
89 kts (102 mph) (165 kph)
124 kts (143 mph) (230 kph)
1575 ft/min (8 m/s)
Glide ratio:
Take-off distance:
328 ft (100 m)
Landing distance:
656 ft (200 m)
Jabiru or Rotax
Fuel consumption:
4 GPH (15.1 LPH)
For sale for: USD 54,033 / EUR 45,928


Moragon - Photo #2
Moragon - Photo #3

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