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The Millennium Master is a low wing, single engine, tandem two seats ultralight aircraft, constructed chiefly of carbon fibre. Designed and built in Italy, it flew for the first time in 2006.


From the manufacturer:

Entering in the Millennium Master one immediately notices the high quality of its materials. The finest Leather combined with the Prepreg Carbon fiber, designed to achieve the maximum in comfort and ergonomics while reducing weight at the same time.

You can fly hours and hours like a luxury car in comfort.. Millennium Master uncompromisingly combines sportiness with versatility, guaranteeing the maximum flying pleasure.

Innovations & technology
The Millennium Master introduce the exclusive Throttle/Brake system, further optimised to best fit the characteristics in airport-ground manoeuvres. Throttle, Brake and Parking-brake, pilot has full control in one hand.

Military stick grips
You can apprecciate with 7 position all the major cockpit functions at your finger tips. Flaps, Trim, pilot two-axis, EFIS pages, Radio and Strobe.The result is a reduction pilot workload and fatigue, it's faster and more precise than a traditional stick.

A lot of accidents have happened due to the forgetfulness of the fuel valve. This is not possible in our plane because when the fuel valve is closed the pilot cannot insert the key.

On our plane when the fuel valve is closed you cannot start the engine.

Fuel management systems are designed to measure and effectively manage the use of the fuel without the intervention of the pilot.

No fuel management is required.


Empty weight:
628 lbs (285 kg)
992 lbs (450 kg)
Stall speed:
33 kts (38 mph) (61 kph)
Cruise speed:
140 kts (161 mph) (259 kph)
211 kts (243 mph) (391 kph)
Take-off distance:
492 ft (150 m)
Landing distance:
492 ft (150 m)

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