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BF 109 Mecklenburger UL

BF 109 Mecklenburger UL
BF 109 Mecklenburger UL
BF 109 Mecklenburger UL

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Peak Aerospace GmbH

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What is the next best thing to the real ME 109? Answer, the BF 109 UL ultralight. If your'e not one of the lucky owners of the real ME 109 you can now own a scaled down replica of one!

This is the Peak ME 109 microlight Messerschmitt that is now available either as a microlight or an experimental kit.


The Me 109R is specified for a Vne 190 km/h. The Microlight is not Aerobatic capable. The Profile FX63-137 offers tremendous Gliding behavior. With this you get a Fighter and also a good powered Glider. Coming without Flaps she is good in short landings around 200m. There she is assisted by the good Brakes and out of the Design she has no intend to go over the engine.

For the ambitious Pilot we offer the 49% Kit strenghtened for a Load of +6g/-4g. Then she has a Vne of 350 km/h and a Vs of 80 km/h by a MTOW of 500 kg.

Main Gear:

Since Beginning the 109 offers a manual retractable Main Gear, what makes her the oldest still build Microlight in Europe with retractable Gear. The Mechanik for retracting is so simple that this was copied by the Company which invents the Facination.

More than this the Gear has very good Characteristics and leads to an impressive easy Handling.

For some Years now the 109 has a hydraulic Brake system. This improves the Handling an short Stop/take off handling. More than this we have exchanged the small old Wheels with the maximum possible Wheels available.

The Tailwheel is controlled by Rudder, which leads to a good Handling on the Ground and in Startup Roll. Also it assists on crosswind Handling.

Main Wing:

The Wing is build as one Piece. So the Plane could easiely and fast disassembled. It is possible to make a fast turn on the Afternoon without searching for a second or third Man.


The Standard Engine is changed 2012 as some new impressive Engines took Place.

The best Engine is the LF 26, a belgian Engine, liquid cooled and very small and lightweight.

The second is a Development basing on the Weber 750 Engine. Power up to 120/140 HP in 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke Engine. Wow.

Transport and Storage:

The ME 109R easy to store due to the Wing and the fuselage mounted Gear. As an alternative some Owners have hung her "Messi" on the Roof of the Hangar to safe Place and easy Handling.

Source: meck-ul.de


  • Empty weight: 419 lbs
  • MTOW: 661 lbs
  • Stall speed: 32 kts
  • Cruise speed: 97 kts
  • Never exceed speed VNE: 113 kts
  • Climb: 1083 ft/min
  • Engine: Rotax 582 / Sauer M800UL / Jabiru 2200
  • BF 109 Mecklenburger UL
  • For sale for: 27000 - 56805 USD
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