MD3 Rider

by Gryf Aircraft
MD3 Rider - Photo #1

Classical all-metal high-wing with side-by-side seats designed to be ideal for training, CROSS-COUNTRY flying and flying for fun.

TECHNOLOGY: all-metal semi-monocoque airframe, primary glued and riveted from aluminum alloy sheets by blind rivets.

FUSELAGE COCKPIT CAGE is welded from steel tubes. Its basic structure has firewall, engine mounting hinges and front wheel bracket in the front, doors and main gear hinges on its sides and instrument panel frame and seats brackets in the middle.

REAR FUSELAGE PART is riveted from aluminum alloy sheets with integral fin and tail hinges in the rear.

SIDE CANOPY DOORS hinged on the front enables great view and easy access.

COMPOSITE ENGINE COWLINGS and rear part of the canopy fairing create natural aerodynamic shape without usual square corners.

ALL METAL WINGS with simple aerodynamically shaped strut and efficient MS(1)-0313 airfoil with OMEGA-beam pressed ribs and integral fuel tanks 72 liters. Ailerons and large flaps with 15o, 30o and 42o deflection are hinged on rear help-beam. Large aerodynamically shaped wingtips increase wing efficiency.

Classic-type all-metal TAIL has symmetrical NACA 12% profile. Elevator has electrically controlled trim-tab as a standard.

FULL DUAL CONTROL with classic joysticks and pedals for both pilots. Flap lever, trim lever and throttle are placed on the central column. Elevator and Ailerons are controlled by rods, Rudder is controlled by wires in plastic tubes. Flaps are controlled by electric actuator placed in the cockpit ceiling.

Wings can be (optional) quickly folded to the tail and horizontal tail surfaces can be dismounted for transportation or storage.

TRICYCLE LANDING GEAR with steerable 16x4" nose wheel, composite legs of main undercarriage and front wheel leg and fork welded from steel tubes. 16x4" main wheels have hydraulic disc brakes, controlled by lever on the central column.

Instrument panel with central engine instruments and drivers panel, full cockpit upholstery with adjustable seats.



Empty weight:
606 lbs (275 kg)
1058 lbs (480 kg)
Stall speed:
34 kts (39 mph) (63 kph)
Cruise speed:
119 kts (137 mph) (220 kph)
148 kts (170 mph) (274 kph)
984 ft/min (5 m/s)
Rotax 912 (80-100 hp)
Fuel consumption:
3 GPH (11.4 LPH)