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The objective was to develop, what most thought impossible at that time:

A four seat airplane with STOL performance, equipped with a light 100 HP engine

The 4-S maiden flight was in June 2000.

The MCR 4-S is the only airplane in the aviation world to provide pilots with such an amazing Performance/Economy ratio. Its concept makes it to be the perfect travel aircraft, able to fly comfortably with four people onboard, cruising at more than 250 km/h, and burning only 20 L/h with a 100 hp engine. Those performances can only be reached because of the MCR 4-S very light empty weight . The aircraft can carry up to 150% of its own empty weight!

The research of a very elaborated aerodynamic design, with wing-tips optimized in wind-tunnel, and high efficiency double slotted flaps, provide the MCR 4-S with amazing STOL performances Designed around a roomy cockpit ; 1,20m width at the rear seats, build to allow four people up to 1,95m tall to be easily seated in the airplane.

The aircraft is equipped with a very strong oil-pneumatic undercarriage, allowing landings on any type of runways.

The MCR-4S can be equipped with a choice of different power plants, but may also be fitted with other options such as :

* Ballistic Recovery System parachute(actually in development)

* Extended range fuel tanks

* Toe operated Hydraulic brakes

The MCR-4S is available in kit form in respect with the CNSK regulation (specific kit airworthiness certificate) or in the experimental category ,depending on the registration country.

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Empty weight:
661 lbs (300 kg)
1653 lbs (750 kg)
Stall speed:
45 kts (52 mph) (83 kph)
Cruise speed:
131 kts (151 mph) (243 kph)
146 kts (168 mph) (270 kph)
750 ft/min (3.8 m/s)
Take-off distance:
1476 ft (450 m)
Landing distance:
1804 ft (550 m)
Rotax 912, 912 S or 914, Jabiru

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