Magnum VLA

by Aviation Enterprises
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The Magnum is a quantum leap in light aircraft design and performance with the pedigree of full CAA Type Certification behind it which ensures the quality, back up and long life which such an aircraft demands.

FIRST - Fully CAA Type Approved.
FIRST - All composite hydraulic fully retracting tricycle undercarriage
FIRST - 30% Fowler flaps with low drag cruise setting
FIRST - 160 kts continuous cruise on 100 HP 1000 nautical miles range
FIRST - 200 kg crew, 50 kg baggage, room for skiis 21:1 L/D ratio, max 21 deg alpha


All epoxy composite monocoque, post cured in heated moulds to 80 deg C. - Extensive use of carbon fibre - Extensive use of PVC sandwich panels


Moulded monococque; Glass outer skin, latest high temp PVC sandwich core....... Structure protected against specified levels of BVID.


Moulded glass/carbon sandwich skins; carbon capped I beam main spar and rear flap spar. Conventional glider type spar extensions and spherical wing shear pins.

Laminar flow computer CFD generated section. Wind tunnel tested. - Conventional ailerons on cranked tip. - One man folding facility. - Cantilevered low wing with outboard crank dihedral. - 30% Fowler flap with 10% negative cruise flap with electrical operation by encoded disc position.


Conventional tractor, tricycle. - UC in composite trailing link, "Hyperlast" damper, hy draulic retracting - 12v electric pump with free fall facility. - TOST wheels and hydraulic disc brakes - All moving horizontal stabilizer with trim tab - Side by side seating, semi reclining, dual control. - Carbon framed twin forward hinging plexiglas canopies, gas strut servo. All round and rearward view. - All systems designed for long life and low maintenance.


Rudder, by cable through independently adjustable pedals. - Elevator - push rod with trim anti servo tab. - Ailerons - push rod - Flaps - torsion drive through control gearbox and rack and pinion drive. - Undercarriage - hydraulic operation, vent for emergency deploy.


Currently planned to use the well proven Rotax 914 Turbo charged engine giving 115 hp for 5 mins and 100 hp continuous with optional VP propellor, now approved to full FAR 23.


Flaps 30% Fowler, 10% Cruise
Engine - Rotax 914F turbocharged fully certificated
Propeller - MT Constant speed, 1.7 m


  • Fully retracting gear with sequencing doors
  • Large wheels and tyres for rough strip,operation
  • 30% Fowler flaps optimized for gap / angle relationship
  • 10% Cruise flaps for high speed low drag cruising
  • Large forward hinging canopies by Mecaplex
  • Comfortable semi reclining seating upholstered in Alcanterra
  • Electric flaps with pre select - command and forget
  • Powerful hydraulic wheel brakes Steering nosewheel - enables turn around in 2 wing spans
  • Full panel on LHS with vacuum DI and Horizon
  • Repco vacuum pump, engine driven
  • Full engine instruments on RHS
  • Centre console with Avionics & Cct breaker panel
  • Warning light console on centre spine
  • Quadrant throttle as on big aeroplanes
  • David Clark headsets with intercom
  • Stick buttons for frequncy select or flip flop
  • Magnum Information Centre, on gimballed mounting for best view for pilot or passenger, complete with CAA 500,000 air map license.
  • Cabin heat or fresh air
  • Easy rigging or derigging with 2 people



Stall speed:
45 kts (52 mph) (83 kph)
Cruise speed:
137 kts (158 mph) (254 kph)
155 kts (178 mph) (287 kph)
800 ft/min (4.1 m/s)
Glide ratio:
Rotax 914F turbocharged fully certificated


  • Aviation Enterprises Ltd.

    Aviation Enterprises Ltd.

    Aviation Enterprises Ltd is an established aviation based design, development and manufacturing engineering company specialising in composite materials with special experience in sub-sea structures and fatigue. Makers of the Chevvron motor glider and the Magnum VLA.

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