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Lake Sport Mermaid Czech Aircraft Works

Lake Sport Mermaid
Lake Sport Mermaid
Lake Sport Mermaid

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Lake Sport Mermaid

The all-new Mermaid is the first amphibian to be designed especially to comply with the FAA's new Light Sport Aircraft rules. It is also the first new certified single-engine amphibian to reach production in decades.

The design parameters were challenging: make a certifiable, roomy amphibian that will fit the LSA rules (2-place, 1235 pounds gross, low stall speed), and that will be affordable, reliable, and fun to fly; then give it the speed and range to be practical as a transportation device, and dual controls, for training and peace of mind. The Mermaid does it all, and more.

Of conventional all-metal design, the Mermaid is built by European craftsmen, with US-sourced materials. Its five watertight compartments are built with EDO-style pump-outs. The slipper-clutch Rotax 912 ULS (914 also available) puts out 100 reliable horsepower while burning well under 5 gph. The useful load is over 500 pounds, and the large baggage area is located nearly on the CG, to make its capacity truly usable. The wide cockpit is comfortable; and it affords a large panel area.

Source: czaw.cz/pages/mermaid.htm


  • Empty weight: 727 lbs
  • MTOW: 1235 lbs
  • Stall speed: 35 kts
  • Cruise speed: 100 kts
  • Never exceed speed VNE: 115 kts
  • Climb: 1000 ft/min
  • Takeoff distance (50ft obstacle): 600 ft
  • Landing distance (50´ft obstacle): 600 ft
  • Engine: Rotax 912 (ULS)
  • Lake Sport Mermaid
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