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The Kitfox aircraft is for sale by Kitfox Aircraft LLC. The price for a Kitfox S7 Super Sport is $41,995.

The Series 7 (S7) is for serious pilots that demand performance, comfort, and most of all safety. With a useful load of up to 800 pounds, 28 gallon fuel capacity, 150 pound cargo capacity and STOL performance it's just waiting to take you where most planes can only dream about, it's no wonder that it's known as a Jeep with wings. Having a wide cockpit, folding wings, able to convert from tail wheel to nose wheel in a matter of hours makes the Series 7 extremely versatile.

With thousands sold all over the world the Classic 4 has evolved over the last 20 years to become the icon of the Kitfox. 4130 chromoly tubing structure, folding wings, multiple engine, cowling, and landing gear choices. The Classic 4 is the most copied kit built on the market today.


Empty weight:
514 lbs (233 kg)
992 lbs (450 kg)
Stall speed:
31 kts (36 mph) (57 kph)
Cruise speed:
70 kts (81 mph) (130 kph)
108 kts (124 mph) (200 kph)
1000 ft/min (5.1 m/s)
Take-off distance:
328 ft (100 m)
Landing distance:
328 ft (100 m)
Rotax 912 ULS 100HP - Rotax 912 UL 80 HP
Fuel consumption:
4 GPH (15.1 LPH)
For sale for: USD 41,995 / EUR 38,635

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