Kermitt 1 Paratrike w. Hirth engine

by Gimi Poland
Kermitt 1 Paratrike w. Hirth engine - Photo #1

The Kermit 1 model is available with the Hirth engine, a popular engine used in many trikes, paratrikes and ultralights. 

Our paratrikes are completly shel composite (forcet with fibre glas) contruction witch gives them very light weight. One seat trike: lenght: 195 cm widh: 140 cm fuel tank standard: 23 l.(35l option ) (placed inside trike under engine) Very strong construction, durable for hard landings, stainless steel basket, dissasembleable, protecting propeller from damage. composite landing gear, wheels 260 mm front, 300 mm rear with bearing, automatic wing positioning system (simple contruction. Big trunk under the seat. e-mail


Empty weight:
108 lbs (49 kg)
441 lbs (200 kg)
Hirth F33 25Hp

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