Impulse 100 TD

by Impulse Aircraft
Impulse 100 TD - Photo #1

The Advantages of Impulse

Our standards for the Impulse 100 are very high.After 3 years of development and 1600 hours of rigorous flight testing of the first aircraft (prototype 1200 hours)we are able to say that:


A safe airplane Maneuvering speed is 220 km/h Tested safe load factors of +-5,6 with a safety margin of 1,725.

Optimized quality control achieved by vakuum bagging every individual composite piece.

We only used the best materials combineds with certified material values, which enables rigorous safety margins to be achieved.

A fast airplane

Cruise @ 75% power at 2000 ft with the Jabiru 3300 Engine is 250km/h (135KTS IAS)

An economical airplane

A flight from Oppin (EDAQ) to Karlsruhe (EDTK) a distance of 430 km, takes 1h45min. For that flight the Jabiru consumes 35 Litres of automotive fuel. The flight is pure relaxation, thanks to the comfortable cockpit and the extraordinary flight characteristics and performance of the IMPULSE.

A relaxing airplane

The cockpit is layed out for the best comfort possible; adjustable seats, an unobstructed view through the big canopy,very smooth controls, very docile slow flight and stall behaviour, amazing controllability at all speeds, stable cruise flight...

The phenominal performance of the IMPULSE makes takeoff and landing in small grass fields in your backyard or even in the mountains as much fun as it is spectacular for spectators!

A beautiful plane

Marcel Dassault once said:

What looks good flies good, Thats our opinion as well!


Empty weight:
617 lbs (280 kg)
1041 lbs (472 kg)
Stall speed:
33 kts (38 mph) (61 kph)
Cruise speed:
130 kts (150 mph) (241 kph)
178 kts (205 mph) (330 kph)
1600 ft/min (8.1 m/s)
Take-off distance:
525 ft (160 m)
Landing distance:
853 ft (260 m)
Rotax 912, Jabiru 2200 or 3300

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