by Interavia Design Bureau
I-1L - Photo #1

Light two-seat multi-purpose aircraft, designed at 'InterAvia' design bureau. First flown in 1994. Serial production started (?) in the 1st quarter of 1998, type certificate was(?) issued by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee of Russia in December 1997.

It is designated for:

Air transportation use Air patrolling Oil, gas and electric power lines surveillance.

Estimated service period is 10,000 flight hours or 20,000 landings during a period of 15 years. Warranty coverage is one year.

I-1L is produced by LMZ plant, part of MAPO-MiG. USA Textron Lycoming four-cylinder, air cooled, horizontally opposed, O-320-E2A engine and two-blade, fixed-pitch German "MT-Propeller" MT-180 R125-3D propeller (1.8m diameter) limit use of the aircraft in rural areas with poor technical support infrastructure (and shortage of non-metric tools!).

As all light aircraft, I-1l has certain shortcoming, well balanced by advantages.

Source: www.ctrl-c.liu.se/misc/ram/i-1l.html


1852 lbs (840 kg)
Cruise speed:
81 kts (93 mph) (150 kph)
135 kts (155 mph) (250 kph)
Take-off distance:
919 ft (280 m)
Landing distance:
722 ft (220 m)
Lycoming 0-320-E2A


I-1L - Photo #2