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Gull 2000 Earthstar Aircraft

Gull 2000
Gull 2000
Gull 2000

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Earthstar Aircraft USA

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Considerable care has been taken in the design and testing process. The result is a stall and spin resistant aircraft with superior handling qualities both on the ground and in the air. The responsive ailerons provide roll control throughout a stall attempt. The beginning flyer will find an easy to fly, stable, and forgiving aircraft.

The Thunder Gull 2000 and Odyssey models maintain the responsive and nimble control necessary for the demanding pilot. All of the Earthstar Aircraft models are fun cross-country machines and have been flown from coast-to-coast many times.

Flight tested to a "G" loading of +5.9 and -3 and are designed to +6 and -4 yield. The ultralight model has been certified to meet the FAA's FAR-103 requirements. VNE for all models is 120 mph.

Options include engine, instruments, propeller, side windows, parachute and others upon request.

Available as a kit or ready to fly.

All kits can be registered as Experimental.

Source: thundergull.com


  • Empty weight: 248 lbs
  • MTOW: 550 lbs
  • Stall speed: 23 kts
  • Cruise speed: 55 kts
  • Never exceed speed VNE: 55 kts
  • Climb: 700 ft/min
  • Glide ratio: 12:1
  • Takeoff distance (50ft obstacle): 250 ft
  • Landing distance (50´ft obstacle): 200 ft
  • Engine: Hirth F33
  • Fuel consumption: 1.7 gph
  • Gull 2000
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by this manufacturer

  • Gull 2000

    Gull 2000

    Cruise speed 55 kts,MTOW 550 lbs

  • Odyssey


    Cruise speed 76 kts,MTOW 1000 lbs

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