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Great Plains Aircraft Supply

Great Plains Aircraft Supply

VW Based Engines for Sport Aircraft

Great Plains Aircraft offers the most extensive line of VW based engine kits, accessory kits, and individual engine parts for VW powered sport aircraft. All this plus customer service and product support - based on 31+ years of experience.

Front Drive - Air-Cooled.
Direct drive, driven off the pulley end (Type 1 only) for standard aircraft configuration. The Front Drive engine turns counter clockwise from the cockpit in a tractor configuration. Wooden props ONLY must be used. This is the most popular configuration.

Reduction Drive - Air-Cooled.
Driven off the pulley end of the crankshaft. Available in 2.0:1 and 1.6:1 Drive Ratios from Valley Engineering. Drive Ratio 1.6:1 is for 72" to 74" props and the Drive Ratio 2.0:1 is for those aircraft requiring 80" to 84" props. The Reduction Drive can deliver over 100 takeoff Horsepower (depending on engine size) and 60 continuous Horsepower. The prop turns counter clockwise from the cockpit (tractor installation). Use of wood, composite or adjustable props. Fits Type 1 VW Only.


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