Futura Gyrocopter

by Aerocopter
Futura Gyrocopter - Photo #1

The frame: Built in chrome-molibdene tube, specifically designed to meet or exceed all certification ultralight requirements.

Canopy and glazing: Made of fiberglass with epoxy resins, low weight and strongest combination.

The rotorblades: Manufactured by Sport Copter in the USA, it is one of the best rotor systems available today with low drag and high performance.

The engine: You can select a Rotax912 100 hp engine or a Rotax914 115 hp engine, both with a specific reduction drive, fuel injection and reliability.

The propeller: Produced by WOODCOMP KREMEN, it is a variable in flight ajustable pitch 3 blade prop perfect for obtaining maximum performance.

The equipment: Nothing is extra or optional, everything is included as standard with a luxury style paying special atention to comfort and best materials.


Empty weight:
595 lbs (270 kg)
992 lbs (450 kg)
Stall speed:
22 kts (25 mph) (41 kph)
Cruise speed:
86 kts (99 mph) (159 kph)
103 kts (119 mph) (191 kph)
Take-off distance:
328 ft (100 m)
Landing distance:
16 ft (5 m)
Rotax 912 914
For sale for: USD 70,758 / EUR 65,097