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High Cruising Speeds
and a robust carbon fiber airframe with integrated tubular steel frame crash protection makes this airplane a faster and safer cruiser.

Large distances
Up to 1000 km operation range as well as speeds of over 200 km/h combined with good landing properties. These features have made the FK9 one of the most widely sold light aircraft in Germany and Europe.

Space-Saving Hangaring
due to the standard feature wing-folding mechanism with the optional one-man assembly aid.

Practical construction
With an inner width of 1.08 m, the cockpit is similar to that of the Cessna 172. (Width: +2 cm, length: +8 cm) The external luggage loading door and the cockpit doors with gas driven spring-openers provide easy and comfortable access to the cabin and the luggage space.

Available either in nose or tail wheel version.

FK 9 Mk IV Utility
Training model for clubs and schools

This FK 9 is the link between the MK2 with its higher payload and straightforward operation, and the Mk IV with its excellent flight performance and high degree of comfort. It is especially designed to meet the needs of clubs and schools. The 100 PS version is also suitable for towing gliders, for floating operation and high altitude alpine flights.

The Cockpit offers,
With an inner width of 1.08 m, also pilots with larger statures sufficient space to sit at ease. The wing structure originates from the FK9 Mk2 and allows a higher payload of approximately 15 kg over the Mk IV.

Optimized Control
The enlarged vertical tail unit, customized flaps and controls allow straightforward operation in combination with very low landing speeds. Flight training even on the shortest of runways is possible without a problem.

Fuselage and landing gear have been adopted from the FK9 Mk IV to offer the same high standard. We've also designed a new tank cap.

Available either in nose or tail wheel version.

Mercedes engine in serial aircraft
Fk-Lightplanes is the first manufacturer to offer this engine system in a serial aircraft. For this purpose, a special model, the FK9 Smart was created. This design is not just an FK9 fitted with a Mercedes Smart engine. It is rathermore a complete package embodying its own special philosophy and technology and echoing in this respect the idea of the smart automobile. This concept uses the lightweight FK9 Utility airframe, with more sophisticated paintwork and furnishings than the basic version. The streamlined technology implemented includes practical systems and instruments; superfluous details have been deliberately excluded. Configuration and equipment are serial installations but the plane comes ready to fly away! This allows a serial price that is wide below a similarly equipped Rotax FK9. All this, not to forget the significantly lower fuel consumption and much less expensive maintenance. After all - it's smart...

Also as Kit available



Empty weight:
567 lbs (257 kg)
1146 lbs (520 kg)
Stall speed:
35 kts (40 mph) (65 kph)
Cruise speed:
106 kts (122 mph) (196 kph)
116 kts (133 mph) (215 kph)
1500 ft/min (7.6 m/s)
Take-off distance:
574 ft (175 m)
Rotax 912 (80-100 hp), Smart

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