by Seahawk Industries
Condor - Photo #1

The Condor is a single seat, high wing, wire braced ultralight, featuring a tri-cycle landing gear suspension system.

The control system is conventional stick and rudder, with spoilerons on the wings for aiding in roll control.

The plane is has a single surface wing, and is wire braced. The kit came as a simple bolt together assembly taking approximately 75 hours to assemble.

The Condor single was powered by Kawasaki 440 engines, with some of the two seaters equipped with Kawasaki liquid cooled engines of 80 hp.

The Condor single place and two place were produced up until about 1984.

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Empty weight:
234 lbs (106 kg)
475 lbs (215 kg)
Stall speed:
22 kts (25 mph) (41 kph)
Cruise speed:
30 kts (35 mph) (56 kph)
56 kts (64 mph) (104 kph)
Kawasaki 440
For sale for: USD 4,000 / EUR 3,400