Cheetah Sierra 200

by Morgan Aeroworks
Cheetah Sierra 200 - Photo #1

The Cheetah Sierra 200 is an all metal 2 seat high performance aircraft that uses a simple aluminium tube, aluminium sheet and pop rivet construction method. The main support frame that holds the undercarriage, pilot and wings to the fuselage is a welded steel tube frame. The double taper main wing spars are a structural angle top and bottom with a sheer web face; these are riveted together with solid rivets. The entire airframe is sheet metal covered for a durable and sleek looking finish.

The Sierra 200 also has fully adjustable rudder pedals ensuring the aircraft can be tailored to both Student and Instructor; and with 300mm adjustment travel the Sierra 200 can accommodate a varying range of pilot heights. They can be operated both electrically and manually and are also in-flight adjustable.

The Cheetah Sierra 200 can be de-rigged, put into a trailer and made ready for transport in under 10 minutes.


Empty weight:
690 lbs (313 kg)
1199 lbs (544 kg)
Stall speed:
32 kts (37 mph) (59 kph)
Cruise speed:
100 kts (115 mph) (185 kph)
150 kts (173 mph) (278 kph)
1000 ft/min (5.1 m/s)
Glide ratio:
Take-off distance:
180 ft (55 m)
Landing distance:
180 ft (55 m)
Rotax 912, Jabiru 3300
Fuel consumption:
7 GPH (26.5 LPH)
For sale for: USD 88,000 / EUR 74,800


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