Carat A

by AMS Flight
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Single seat, EASA Part 22 (Jar 22) cerified, powered glider with retractable landing gear, folding propeller, reliable low-noise four-stroke engine, good gliding performance, suitable for trailering, one-man assembly possible, comfortable cockpit. All glass-fibre/carbon-fibre construction.

From the manufacturer: 

Whether it be local soaring in ridge, wave or thermals, or cross country, the Carat gets the job done in style either as a pure sailplane or as a touring motor-glider. This is a new breed single-seat sailplane for all reasons and seasons.

You have option to cruise out to 637 sm / 1026 km at 124 kts / 230 km/h engine on. Or you can soar
at 35 to 1 as a sailplane. It’s your choice.

Reliable, low-noise, four-stroke engine “Beak” folding propeller Retractable landing gear Soaring performance of Standard Class Automatic control connections Comfortable cockpit Aircraft designed roomy instrument panel Easy one-man assembly Fits in to a standard sailplane trailer



Empty weight:
717 lbs (325 kg)
1036 lbs (470 kg)
Stall speed:
43 kts (49 mph) (80 kph)
Cruise speed:
108 kts (124 mph) (200 kph)
135 kts (155 mph) (250 kph)
689 ft/min (3.5 m/s)
Glide ratio:
Take-off distance:
1404 ft (428 m)
Sauer S 1800-1-ES1C

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