This is our updated Top-10, 2020-list of the most popular and best ultralight aircraft. Don't forget to rate and share the planes that you think deserves the top position.

Keep in mind that the classification of what is an ultralight aircraft differs between countries. Factors such as maximum take-off weight, stall speed, maximum speed and number of occupants affects the aircraft classification.

Looking to buy a gyrocopter now in 2022? There are many options if you are looking into getting your own personal gyro, you can get a used one, buy a new or build the gyrocopter yourself from plans. To make it easier for you to find the right aircraft we put together a list of new and used gyrcopters for sale around the world.

A list of currently FAA approved LSA aircraft. At the bottom of the page you find a list with aircraft that already met the light-sport requirements when the LSA rules were announced. 

Dehydrator plugs are used to prevent corrosion inside an aircraft engine while the engine is in storage. The dehydrator plugs are filled with silica gel that changes color when moisture is absorbed.