BA-5 Gurí

by BAaer
BA-5 Gurí - Photo #1

The design goal for the Gurí was not only to create a highly versatile ultralight but also to make an airplane kit that is easy to build and offers exceptional value for your money. The Gurí design is a innovative concept that combines metalic and composites structures into one integrated package. a true "composite" lightplane! Rather than choosing a single material and then designing an airplane around that material's strengths and weaknesses, the Gurí team used each type of material where it made the most sense from an engineering and a construction standpoint.

The Gurí wings are aluminum and fabric. For a important wing surface, constant-chord wings and slotted ailerons and flaps (for better lateral control and more lift), aluminum and fabric offers an unbeatable combination of light weight and ease of construction.

For the sleek compound curves of the Gurí cockpit, on the other hand, fiberglass composites are the material of choice. Fiberglass fabrics and the excelent epoxy-vinylester resin factory molding cockpit, landing gear and several parts insures a mirror-smooth finish and a quick, simple assembly project. Rear fuselage is a 6 inch diameter aluminum tail boom with aluminum tube and fabric tail surfaces.

If your dream is fly a new ultralight plane that combines tecnologie, performance and affordability, the answer is the Gurí lightplane. The BA-5 Gurí is a very affordable plane with quality and performance like others similar ultralights aircraft models.

BA-5 Gurí Kit
The construction of the Gurí kit is designed so the amateur constructor would have to make the least amount of parts himself. The main goal of the constructor is the assembly of parts supplied, covering the flight surfaces, install system and engine, ulphostery and painting. It does not include a engine, prop, paint and instruments. The demand of the constructor's work is selected in a way, where it can be handled with the help of basic manual tools only. The average skilful constructor will spend approximately 500 working hours, the construction can be carried out for example in a garage.

Optional equipment list:
-wheel pants
-balistic chute



Empty weight:
507 lbs (230 kg)
992 lbs (450 kg)
Stall speed:
32 kts (37 mph) (59 kph)
Cruise speed:
70 kts (81 mph) (130 kph)
103 kts (119 mph) (191 kph)
787 ft/min (4 m/s)
Glide ratio:
Rotax 503 50 HP (2T) - HKS 700E 60HP (4T) - Rotax 582 64HP (2T) - Rotax 912 80 HP (4T)
Fuel consumption:
4 GPH (15.1 LPH)
For sale for: USD 19 / EUR 16


BA-5 Gurí - Photo #2
BA-5 Gurí - Photo #3


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