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Warp Drive Aircraft Propellers

We are a world-wide distributor for Warp Drive carbon fiber propellers and offer factory-direct pricing to our customers. Also selling Warp Drive Airboat Propellers, including the Airboat Turboprops.

Hoverhawk Corporation is a world-wide distributor for Warp Drive carbon fiber composite aircraft propellers, the new turboprop and offer factory-direct pricing and discounts to our customers.  These props are made of a solid carbon fiber matrix (no foam core), have ground adjustable pitch and can be configured with 2 to 12 blades. Buy only a replacement blade if damaged. They may be used on most home-built, experimental and ultralight aircraft, including airboats, hovercraft, industrial blowers, wind machines and wind tunnels. These props are compatible with most engines. Warp Drive manufactures propellers for applications where engine horsepower far exceeds 115 hp unlike some sport propeller manufacturers.  Warp Drive, Inc. offers a lifetime guarantee of complete satisfaction to the original purchaser on all of their propellers


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