• Trade Aid Ltd

    Trade Aid Ltd

    Ikarus - Eurostar - Cora dealer in Finland. Sales in Finland / Sweden / Norway / Baltics.

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  • Traffords Aviation Insurance

    Traffords Aviation Insurance

    We have been arranging aircraft insurance for over forty years and only deal with Lloyd's of London and insurers with U.K offices. We can provide cover for your aircraft, club insurance, hangars (for private owners). On...

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  • Transair Pilot Shop

    Transair Pilot Shop

    Transair opened its first Pilot Shop in 1986 and since then has grown to become Europe's largest and most repected supplier of pilots flight equipment by offering a great service and unmatched product choice.

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  • Vagabund


    Nostalgia Vagabond biplane, biplane ultralight aircraft in the classic style, with its good-nature d flight characteristics, the space for training, passenger flights, or just for fun flying.

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  • Verner Motor

    Verner Motor

    Verner Light Aircraft Engines 4-stroke and Radial 12 - 230 horsepower 600, 1000, 1400 hour TBO

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  • Vertex Standard

    Vertex Standard

    Vertex Standard's airband radios are professional grade and incorporate our legendary MIL-STD construction and sleek styling.

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  • Viking Aircraft Engines

    Viking Aircraft Engines

    The Viking Aircraft Engine use existing engine components from quality engine manufacturer Honda. Due to large volume production, the Viking engine has the lowest cost / highest quality of any Aircraft engine in it's cl...

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  • Visicover


    Visicover is a unique service that lets you buy and manage your aircraft insurance online. Our aeroplane and helicopter products are flexible so you only pay for the cover you want, you can pay by instalments at no ext...

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  • VM-1 Esqual Aerocomp AB

    VM-1 Esqual Aerocomp AB

    Now produced in Sweden The Esqual VM-1 is now in full production. The Aircraft is available both as kit and ready to fly.

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    VolareULM.it is the portale dedicated to the world of the ultralight flight and to Italian sport aviation. Portale dedicato al mondo del volo ultraleggero e all'aviazione sportiva italiana.

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  • VZLU Propellers

    VZLU Propellers

    Division of aircraft propellers traditionally belongs to important parts of VZLÚ, plc. Its products are used in the aerospace as well as the general industries. The division covers a wide range of activities from basic research to the batch production.

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  • WAG Aero - Homebuilt Kit Aircraft

    WAG Aero - Homebuilt Kit Aircraft

    Want to build a replica of the Piper J-3 Cub and relive the 1930's? At WAG Aero you can purchase a kit, perfect for the homebuilt aircraft project and make this dream come true. About WAG-Aero Wag-Aero started with...

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    The original World Wankel Rotary Piston Internet Domain.

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  • Warner Aerocraft USA

    Warner Aerocraft USA

    Manufacturer of the Sportster, Space Walker II, Revolution II, Space Walker I, Revolution I. Builds your aircraft so you can experience flight as it was in the 1930s with your open cockpit aerocraft!

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  • Warp Drive Aircraft Propellers

    Warp Drive Aircraft Propellers

    We are a world-wide distributor for Warp Drive carbon fiber propellers and offer factory-direct pricing to our customers. Also selling Warp Drive Airboat Propellers, including the Airboat Turboprops. Hoverhawk Corporati...

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  • Weller Flugzeugbau

    Weller Flugzeugbau

    Our ultra light aircraft family covers the single-seated „Rebell“ and the two-seated „Sprint“. Quality standards for materials and manufacturing are oriented on those of modern German sailplanes and power...

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  • Westberg Mfg. Inc

    Westberg Mfg. Inc

    Westberg Mfg. Inc. (Westach) has been producing quality tachometers and instruments since 1944.

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    WeTTrike Amphibious Flying Trike. A unique two-seat trike.

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  • Whelen Engineering (Strobes)

    Whelen Engineering (Strobes)

    Lights and strobes for aircraft.

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  • Whirl Wind Propellers

    Whirl Wind Propellers

    Whirl Wind Propellers Corporation is a recognized industry leader in producing quality, high performance composite constant speed propeller systems for experimental aircraft as well as composite propeller systems for airboats.

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  • Whisper Kit Aircraft

    Whisper Kit Aircraft

    Manufacturer of kit aircraft. Three models; a)Whisper Motorglider b)Whisper Express motorglider and c)Whisper eXpress (aka Whisper X). Mission: To produce affordable high quality aircraft kits for the amateur builder

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  • Wiatrakowce Gyrocopter Training

    Wiatrakowce Gyrocopter Training

    Gyrocopter pilot license (UAGP). UAGP training program provides a number of theoretical and practical 50 hours (20-25 hours) depending on the student's progress. Examination, pilot licenses and ASC Agenda for Europe.

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  • Wicks Aircraft and Motorsports

    Wicks Aircraft and Motorsports

    Wicks Aircraft offers everything for aircraft enthusiasts; from aircraft fittings, complete aircraft kits, to spruce specialty, chrome moly tubing, aircraft aluminum, and everything in between.

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  • Winter Instruments

    Winter Instruments

    Production and distribution of meteorological instruments. Development and construction of aircraft on-board equipment. Winter devices are now flying in circles around the world with an excellent reputation.

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  • X-Air Australia

    X-Air Australia

    X-Air Australia is the home of light sport aviation (LSA) and accessories in Australia. Representing more than 15 different models of aircraft we have Australia's largest selection from several manufacturers. Our electro...

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  • X-AIR France

    X-AIR France

    Randkar is worldwide distributor of the range of ulm Xair. We also offer flight training, advertising and photography.

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  • X-AIR India

    X-AIR India

    Raj Hamsa was founded in 1980 as a Unit of AURELEC TRUST at Pondicherry. RAJ HAMSA launched an entirely new line of products in the form of 3-AXIS CONVENTIONAL CONTROLS MICROLIGHT AIRCRAFT.

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  • XCOM 760 Transceiver

    XCOM 760 Transceiver

    XCOM 760 VHF Aircraft Transceiver for Sport Aircraft, Ultralights and other Aircraft Needing Clear Powerful Transmission LSA, Light sport aircraft.

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  • XCOM Avionics

    XCOM Avionics

    XCOM 760 VHF Transciever- Our latest release. Suitable for Ultralight, Homebuilt and non IFR Aircraft. The smallest and lightest VHF panelmount radio in the world... packed with features and performance. Built-in VOX int...

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  • Yankee-Romeo


    Distribution of gliders, trailers, ultralights, winches, and various equipments for planes and winches.

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  • Zanette Light Sport Aircraft Insurance

    Zanette Light Sport Aircraft Insurance

    How exciting is the sport pilot category? On September 1, 2004, the new FAA Rules for Sport Pilots and Light-Sport Aircraft (SP/LSA) introduced a new era in recreational aviation. ZANETTE has been involved in one way or ...

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  • Zanzottera Engines

    Zanzottera Engines

    Born in 1982 Zanzottera Engines is a company dedicated to the design, development and production of piston engines for the propulsion of small and medium sized Uav's. All our engines are boxer configuration with carburettor or injection system.

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  • Zenair Floats

    Zenair Floats

    Aluminum floats for ultralights and LSA, up to 2500 lbs: Straight and amphibious; basic or advanced kits. Makes float flying fun and affordable! Great floats for planes such as the CH 701 and CH 601!

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  • Zenair Limited

    Zenair Limited

    Zenair is a leading manufacturer of ultralight and aircraft kits for light planes designed by Chris Heintz, aircraft like the CH 701

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  • Zenith Aircraft Company

    Zenith Aircraft Company

    The official home page for Zenair™ kit aircraft designs. Zenith Aircraft Online provides detailed information and resources on sport (experimental) aviation and our exciting line of homebuilt kit planes for sport pilots. Aircraft available CH 601 (Zodiac), CH 701, CH 750, CH 801

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  • Zlin 50 Trener baby

    Zlin 50 Trener baby

    Trener Baby (Zlin 126 UL): the 80-percent replica of a classic as an ultralight aircraft - The price of the finished aircraft will amount to DM 90. A DIY kit is designed to as E-plane (experimental) and the Aerobatic registration permit.

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  • ZOCHE aero-diesels

    ZOCHE aero-diesels

    The Diesel engine has demonstrated the lowest specific fuel consumption of any prime mover (as low as .26 lb/hp hr for very large 2-stroke marine Diesels). It uses fuel which is much cheaper and still contains more energy per gallon than gasoline or avgas.

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