• Hexatron Engineering

    Hexatron Engineering

    Hexatron Engineering Company, Inc. has manufactured commercial aircraft components since 1982 and continues to be an FAA-PMA approved manufacturing facility building crew seats for the McDonnell-Douglas fleet of DC9, DC1...

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  • Hirth-Engines


    We offer you a wide range of standard engines for use in water, on ground and in the air. The structure of our company allows us to develop and manufacture engines varying from the standard types and in accordance to th...

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  • HKS Aviation Japan

    HKS Aviation Japan

    The HKS 700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed, two cylinder, four-stroke engine used in Light aircraft, PPCÂ’s and Trikes.

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  • Huntwing Trike

    Huntwing Trike

    Imagine a BCAR Section S certified trike that you can build from plans. Imagine the fun that you can have flying that same Trike, with a friend, on Holiday or just to local flyins.

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  • I-1L, Interavia

    I-1L, Interavia

    I-1L is a light two-seat multi-purpose aircraft, designed at InterAvia design bureau. First flown in 1994. Built at Lukhovitsky Machine Building Plant

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  • Ibis Aircraft

    Ibis Aircraft

    Maker of the MAGIC GS 700, MAGIC GS 700 (LV), MAGIC SUPER GS 730, URRACO GS 501, GRAND MAGIC GS 750

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  • IDEA AirCraft Co. - Hydropteron

    IDEA AirCraft Co. - Hydropteron

    By the IDEAirCraft Co. produced special aircraft is suitable for air and water takeoff and landing.. In the Amphibian two free time activities join cruising on the water and flying. The water aircraft can be used as a s...

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  • IndUS Aviation, Inc

    IndUS Aviation, Inc

    IndUS is the manufacturer of the Thorp T211 aircraft, designed by the legendary John thorp. John thorp designed more than 40 aircraft including the Piper Cherokee series. This aircraft is beind sold under Fully certified, Experimental and Light sport categories. Check out our new Thorpedo

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  • Ing. Nando Groppo Italy

    Ing. Nando Groppo Italy

    Italian Ultralight Design and Manufacture of Folder, Dui, Trial and the new XL airplanes

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  • JC Propeller Design

    JC Propeller Design

    JC Propeller Design With this program you can build your own propellers and save money, and at the same time get a propeller that is specially computer designed for you.

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  • JDT Mini-MAX

    JDT Mini-MAX

    Please see Team Mini-Max LLC A true light aircraft requiring minimum building space, minimum time or skill... Yet provides maximum pleasure and performance.

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  • Jersey Shore Ultralights

    Jersey Shore Ultralights

    We are an ultralight aircraft oriented aero club located mid-state that is the original organization of it's type in the area. Our roots go back to the 1980s.

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  • Jordan Lake Aero

    Jordan Lake Aero

    The Air-Bike (Airbike) is back and produced again in the USA! J L A is now the US manufacturer of Air-Bike kits and parts for the overseas market. These great aircraft are easy to build, simple to operate, and available...

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  • Jozinko Sajan

    Jozinko Sajan

    Im a trike pilot, instructor, dealer for TOMI trikes, Verner engines and Peszke propellers.

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  • JP Avionics

    JP Avionics

    Avionics and ground power units for all general aviation aircraft, including ultralight / LSA.

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  • KBI - Microlight Aircraft Instruments & Equipment

    KBI - Microlight Aircraft Instruments & Equipment

    The famous Pilot Shop kbi-ul.com specializes in equipment and microlight aircraft edges instruments and accessories as well as drivers. Our customers include homebuilders, microlight pilots that recreational aviation pro...

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  • KEITEK S.r.l.

    KEITEK S.r.l.

    KEITEK Srl is based on twenty years of experience of the firm LAS 89 in the production of ultra-light aircrafts, with the objective to design and develop new components and products for the ultralight flight with qualify...

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  • Kennon Aircraft Covers

    Kennon Aircraft Covers

    Kennon Products was started in 1984 in a small rented garage in Temple City, California by Paul Kennon Chaney and Ron Kensey. Our flagship product was the Kennon Sun Shield. It wasn't long before it became a best seller...

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  • Kiebitz


    Willkommen auf der Homepage der Kiebitz Piloten !

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  • Kievprop


    We produce a range of ground adjustable pitch propellers with diameter of 1.6-1.9 m, left and right rotation, in 3/ 5/ 6 blades options. Propellers are designed to be installed on the aircraft with engines with gear box...

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  • Kitfox Aircraft

    Kitfox Aircraft

    The official website of Kitfox, one of the most popular kit built aircraft in the world. For over 29 years the Kitfox has continued its leadership in the Experimental Aircraft Market place. Delivering easy to build ki...

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  • Kitplanes for Africa

    Kitplanes for Africa

    A First for Africa Being the first new generation aeroplane produced in Africa, the Bushbaby has proven to be Africas most successful kit aircraft. Based on time proven designs with the latest laminar aerodynamics for in...

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  • Kolb Aircraft Company

    Kolb Aircraft Company

    Kolb Aircraft Co. LLC is a provider of quality easy-to-build and easy-to-fly aircraft. All Kolb Aircraft feature folding wings and tail which allow for easy storage or tailoring. The tail folds up and the wings fold back...

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  • Korellas Aero Service

    Korellas Aero Service

    Offers a large selection of services for the Ultralight pilot.

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  • Launch Code

    Launch Code

    Offering surface condition forecasts for over 1000 USA locations

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  • Lazair website

    Lazair website

    Lazair - 25 years now and still going after Dale Kramer and Peter Corley started to build the Lazair ultralight. The Lazair has become to pilot and builders one of the safest ultralights ever built and a track record to...

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  • Learn Mountain Flying with P92 or P96

    Learn Mountain Flying with P92 or P96

    Mountain flight training in the Pyrenees for private and UL-pilots. Learn how to fly in the mountain ranges. Training with Tecnam P92 (or P96) on mountain strips.

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  • Limbach Aircraft Engines China

    Limbach Aircraft Engines China

    LIMBACH brand aircraft engine Xiamen Limbach Aircraft Engine Co. Ltd is a Germany company in china. Since 2012, Xiamen china limbach company has acquired Germany limbach company, Chinese companiy take over the limbach en...

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  • Lockwood Aviation

    Lockwood Aviation

    Founded in 1989, Lockwood Aviation Supply provides parts and service for all Rotax Powered Aircraft. We carry over 8,000 unique parts and supplies for Rotax engines and the aircraft they power. For 17 years, Lockwood en...

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  • Loehle Aircraft Corporation

    Loehle Aircraft Corporation

    Our company specializes in aircraft paint coatings, pinhole filler, and also replica aircraft kits and replica aircraft parts and supplies.

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  • Marc Ingegno

    Marc Ingegno

    Aircraft wheels, fuel tanks, tires etc. for light aircraft.

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  • Martin Jetpack Company

    Martin Jetpack Company

    Makers of what might be one of the strangest ultralight aicraft out there, the Martin Jetpack! If you have the funds and want your very own special aircraft, have a look at their jetpack!

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  • MATCO Mfg

    MATCO Mfg

    MATCO mfg produces wheels and brakes in four, five, and six inch diameters with a variety of bearing sizes from 5/8 to 1 1/2 inches. In addition, we manufacture master cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, parking brake valves...

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  • Maverick LSA

    Maverick LSA

    Makers of the Maverick Flying Car, something that looks and act like an off-road car and a plane!

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  • MC 100 Ban Bi from osthaus & beckert

    MC 100 Ban Bi from osthaus & beckert

    We manufacture all aircraft parts kit for the construction of the MC 100 vMColomban. Precise, laser-cut sheet metal and plastics. Finished motor mount welded u.s.w.

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  • Medway  Microlights

    Medway Microlights

    We are the longest established and approved microlight aircraft manufacturer in the United Kingdom. We have been producing flexwing microlights for over 20 years, and were the first company to manufacture an aircraft that met the stringent requirements of BCAR Section 'S'.

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