KBI - Microlight Aircraft Instruments & Equipment

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KBI - Microlight Aircraft Instruments & Equipment
The famous Pilot Shop kbi-ul.com specializes in equipment and microlight aircraft edges instruments and accessories as well as drivers. Our customers include homebuilders, microlight pilots that recreational aviation professionals. The hangar Innov'air, located on the airfield of Muret-Lherm LFBR 20km south of Toulouse (Haute Garonne, France) houses our sales office and showroom and a Pilot Lounge, a mechanical workshop, a room painting and composite repair, and finally a classroom for the pilot training school. For ten years, we have extensive experience on the products that we sell through their use on our aircraft fleet. We have a large stock of over 20,000 items from over 1000 references tested allow us to supply and advise at this To date, over 5000 enthusiasts throughout France and Europe.