• EAA -Ultralights

    EAA -Ultralights

    EAA is an organization that has developed and administers ultralight self-regulation programs. EAA is a membership organization of sport aviation enthusiasts. These enthusiasts include ultralight, homebuilders, light pla...

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  • EAA Aircraft Insurance

    EAA Aircraft Insurance

    Welcome to the EAA Insurance Plans exclusively for EAA members! EAA members fly all types of aircraft and enjoy many different ways to fly. Here is where EAA members will find insurance, advice, and support, along with a...

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  • Eagle Research & Development

    Eagle Research & Development

    Manufacturer of the Helicycle turbine personal helicopter. From their website: Having flown many types of helicopters both piston and turbine powered, for over 30 years and having constructed, from scratch, over a do...

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    The SMART turbo motor was conceived and developed by Daimler Chrysler as a radical new approach to the drive system for the new City Coupés. This project aimed at setting new standards in production by focusing particularly on the weight and therefore the ecological impact of the car.

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  • Edra Aeronautica Brazil

    Edra Aeronautica Brazil

    Located in the town of Ipeuna-SP, ninety miles north of São Paulo’s state capital, our 100.000 square-meter plant includes 4.500 square-meter buildings and an 800 meter grass runway private airport with...

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  • EHROFLUG, Schweiz

    EHROFLUG, Schweiz

    Makers of the COACH I and COACH II

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  • Evans Aircraft

    Evans Aircraft

    Purchase VP1 Volksplane plans direct from Evans Aircraft, the desinger who created this revolutionary kit plane. See photos of various designs for this experimental homebuild aircraft from pilots and builders around the world.

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  • Evektor Aerotechnik a.s

    Evektor Aerotechnik a.s

    The Evektor EV-97 Team Eurostar / Sportstar is an ultralight aircraft designed for sport/leisure flying, touring and training with limitation to non-aerobatic VFR operations.

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  • Evolution Aircraft Inc.

    Evolution Aircraft Inc.

    Evolution Trikes has a rich history deeply rooted in the passion for weight shift control flying. Larry Mednick and Abid Farrouqi, the founders, embarked on their triking journey over 20 years ago, enchanted by the freed...

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  • Excalibur USA

    Excalibur USA

    2 place ultralight or experimental can be registered too as sport plane category

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  • Falconaravia


    There are few projects that match the investment value of an amateur-built aircraft. Imagine building and flying your own aircraft. Consider the knowledge you'll gain. This may be one of the most fulfilling journeys you ...

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  • Fantasy Air USA

    Fantasy Air USA

    Fantasy Air US are the distributors and manufacturers of the Allegro 200X Series of Aircraft. The last one in production was the 2008 Allegro when the company was sold. Now the Allegro is produced inside of the United St...

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  • Firewall Forward

    Firewall Forward

    The popularity of the CAM 100 has grown steadily during that time and remains the most popular of models. New engine technology has made it possible to develop even more powerful engines based on the proven dependability...

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  • Fisher Flying Products

    Fisher Flying Products

    Fisher Flying Products in Woodbridge, Ontario Canada is a kit plane manufacturer of classic replica ultra light and experimental aircraft. Sold in build-it-yourself kit forms or quick-build kits.

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  • FK, B&F Technik Factory

    FK, B&F Technik Factory

    FK14 Polaris, FK12, FK14 Polaris

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  • FK12 Comet - Sport Biplane

    FK12 Comet - Sport Biplane

    The ultimative, ultralight Sport Biplane !

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  • FK14.be


    site of the OO-E09, a Belgian FK14 ultralight

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  • Fläming air

    Fläming air

    Herzlich Willkommen auf den neuen Internetseiten der Fläming Air GmbH. Wir möchten Ihnen hier einen Überblick geben, was Sie bei uns erwartet. Die Fläming Air GmbH bietet Ihnen alles aus einer Hand: Flugplatz, Flugschule, Werft. Viel Spaß auf unseren Seiten wünscht ...

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  • Flight Store Pilot Supplies

    Flight Store Pilot Supplies

    Here at Flightstore, we're leading suppliers of all pilot equipment in the UK from pilot GPS to logbooks. We understand that it can be frustrating not being able to find everything that's required, and that's why we have...

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  • Flight Training Guide

    Flight Training Guide

    PilotAdvice.com is an online aviation guide for student pilots. We offer flight school listings and reviews, aviation news and flight training guidance.

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  • Flightcom


    Headsets, Intercoms and Accessories for flight.

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  • Fly Zone srl

    Fly Zone srl

    Flyzone is a company born to develop advanced avionic systems mainly for ultralight aircraft. We have implemented a computer based propeller governor that automatically adjusts the pitch of electrically variable propell...

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  • FLY-UL.com


    Bob Comperini's Ultralight And Sport Pilot Web Page. Dealer of BRS, Comtronics engineering, RAD Electronics and Quicksilver

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  • Fly4fun, Tefo Teknik

    Fly4fun, Tefo Teknik

    Swedish distributor for Airmax SeaMax M22 amphibian, Atec Zephyr 122, Faeta, skyranger, nynja, Pegasus and Mainair trikes, Microlight training, accesories etc, and MT03 & Calidus Gyrocopter Autogyro gyrokopter

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  • GRAAL, The

    GRAAL, The

    The Graal is a rigid self-launching one-seat glider conforming to French and FAI ultralight rules. By its look, feel and performance it is very close to a 15 meter class glider. The Graal differs only by its ultralight c...

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  • Grand Rapids Technologies

    Grand Rapids Technologies

    Greg Toman founded Grand Rapids Technologies, Inc. in 1991 after seeing the need for an automated engine monitor with alarms that accurately measured exhaust gas and cylinder head tempratures for a 2-stroke engine. Since...

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  • Great Plains Aircraft Supply

    Great Plains Aircraft Supply

    VW Based Engines for Sport Aircraft Great Plains Aircraft offers the most extensive line of VW based engine kits, accessory kits, and individual engine parts for VW powered sport aircraft. All this plus customer service...

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  • H.F.Dorna


    H.F.Dorna is a private joint stock company specializing in design and manufacture of light aircraft , covering EASA , CS-VLA , ASTM LSA and Part-23 categories . H.F.Dorna was established in 1988 and has received Design ...

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  • Hang Gliding San Diego

    Hang Gliding San Diego

    Learn how to fly a hang glider in San Diego and how to master the art of flying a weight shift aircraft. From johnheiney.com: Learning to hang glide has its risk. Any activity in which you are in motion where there...

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  • Hansel Mamon

    Hansel Mamon

    Bose headsets, Garmin GPS, Garmin avionics, Aviation GPS, Aviation safety equipment

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  • Hartzell Propeller

    Hartzell Propeller

    Hartzell Propeller Inc. is an aircraft propeller design and aircraft propeller manufacturer in Piqua, Ohio USA. The company traces its history to 1914 when a relationship between Orville Wright and Robert Hartzell l...

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  • Headsets, Inc.

    Headsets, Inc.

    Noise canceling system guaranteed to meet or exceed performance of any production model civilian or military aviation anr headset or helmet.

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  • Hélices E-PROPS

    Hélices E-PROPS

    Since 2007, the Hélices E-PROPS company designs, manufactures and markets propellers for non certified light aircraft : airplanes, motorgliders, ultralights, trikes, gyroplane and paramotors. E-PROPS propeller's rang...

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  • Hercules Propellers

    Hercules Propellers

    Tailor made propellers, individually designed for your aircraft to maximise performance. To achieve optimal performance, any aircraft requires a specifically designed propeller. When all of the many attributes of a prop...

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