Aeromobil Flying Car

by Aeromobil
Aeromobil Flying Car - Photo #1

Aeromobil is a “flying car” that perfectly makes use of existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes, and opens doors to real door-to-door travel. In terms of automobile configuration, it fits to a standard parking space, its engine enables it to tank at any gas station, it is fully accustomed to road traffic and as a plane it could both take off and land at any airport in the world.

With its ambition to become a real “flying car”, the current version – Aeromobil 2.5 is a prototype of the third generation. Aeromobil 3 is stylish, comfortable for both the driver and passenger, and exceptionally combines the performance of a sports car with qualities of an „ultralight“.


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Editors note: Out of all flying cars we have seen today, the Aeromobil 2.5 this is the best looking one! 


Empty weight:
992 lbs (450 kg)
Stall speed:
32 kts (37 mph) (59 kph)
108 kts (124 mph) (200 kph)
Rotax 912S
Fuel consumption:
3.5 GPH (11.4 LPH)

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Aeromobil Flying Car - Photo #2
Aeromobil Flying Car - Photo #3