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Corsario MK 5

Wednesday, 15 June 2016
5.0/5 rating (1 votes)

This two-seat amphibious boat plane is in manaus Brazil. I replaced the MK4 for the MK5 several years ago which includes all new glass as well as new Pistons in the 74 HP rotax 618. There. are only 5 hours on it since this major overhaul. I took the wings off for storage and it will need new fabric as well as the rotax 618 sent to rotax to open clean and reassemble. It has all round instruments in place including CHT and EGT and a compass from a Cessna 152. No GPS. Has extended range fuel tanks one in each wing. will need new control cables and I recommend new tires & Brakes. The landing gear has all brand new nylon bushings and is easy to operate. All of the engine wiring was done with aircraft wiring . This airplane is very affordable, easy to fly, and with little investment will be a real prize.


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United States

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Mike Dunn

For sale for

$20,000 or best offer.