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If you have ever dreamed of learning to fly and experiencing first hand one of life's most challenging and exciting adventures, if you've ever had a desire to own your own aircraft, then this is your opportunity to give it a try. Come and fly with one of Latvian's aircraft clubs, Aviatori.LV Club or Aviagroup Eduard as it is commonly known. Our Club is located at Adazhi airfield (EVAD) just northeast of the town Riga (Latvia). We was founded in 2007 by Igor Chernov and also provide information for private pilots flying to Latvia. We would like to invite you to our JAA PPL(A) flight school. Also you can take a journey by our airplane Cessna-172. We offer exiting excursions above Latvian cities and rivers. You may get a training or charter flying to Tallinn, Vilnius, Helsinki, Minsk and Kaliningrad and even Gotland island. Also you may rent the airplane if you are an experienced pilot (more than 200 hours of flight time).